Saturday, April 30, 2011

A guest post from the Husband

Back in the day he used to be one of the editors of Prep News (Rockhurst High School's News paper) so he is not new to writing. Back in that same day they used to call him Tellum which is "Mullet" spelled backwards cause he used to rock the "walking eye-lash" hairdo- this is back when he had hair. Essentially the walking eyelash is short hair and long bangs. A backwards mullet. Hil to the airous.

Without further ado I introduce the VERY FIRST guest blogger on Land of LA- It is my wonderful hubby Dan. Here are some of his thoughts on the pregnancy process ect ect.

I have now been introduced to the world of blogging. Now, if only I knew what the F twitter was…..Anyhoo….this is going to be interesting. I’m not really big about putting my emotions on paper. I have had a journal for three years now and have written in the first five pages. What I am trying to say is that if this is boring, I sincerely apologize.

My wife has now been pregnant for 31 weeks. It is a truly amazing experience to watch her and the baby grow every week. I really just want to say how proud of my wife I am and how much I am in love with her. I love her more and more everyday and every time that I look at her, I am absolutely amazed at the courage and strength it takes to be pregnant. In our birthing class today, we talked about the support role that a husband plays in the birthing process. We talked about things that she liked and disliked as far as comfortable positions, touching, and verbal encouragement. Laurisa looked at me and said, “Don’t ever call me a rockstar.” But she is a rocksar, I will just never say it to her face. (BUT I WILL WRITE IT ON HER BLOG) HAHAHAHA!

Furthermore, It truly is amazing to see and feel my child move in the womb. Every time I feel her move, or even watch my wife’s belly start boogying, I get more and more excited to meet my daughter. If I could tell my daughter one thing right now, it is that when she comes into this world, she has a mother and a father that will always love her, no matter what.

I have enjoyed putting together our nursery for her. I have enjoyed working on the small little projects with my wife as well as watching her vision of what she wanted to really come alive……which you all will see soon enough! I have enjoyed putting together her crib, which was actually more complicated than I thought it would be. I have enjoyed going to thrift stores over and over with LA to find picture frames, possible furniture, and little gidgets for the nursery. I have enjoyed refinishing what we have bought, and truly making the nursery our own. I even enjoyed realizing that the dresser that I bought off of Craig’s list probably wasn’t the best purchase because I had to redo the tracks on all the doors. (The bottom drawer you have to pull down and out to open and push in and up to close….but hey, ghetto or not, it works!). I have even enjoyed recently finishing my “special project” for the room. It was a refinished frame with a recovered mat and her initial cut out from fabric that matches the bumper. I think it ties in the whole crib area in the room. And next weekend while LA gets to enjoy her baby shower, I will begin building the shelves!

9 weeks isn’t that long. By the time we know it, she will be here. I keep thinking to myself, “Oh I will just do that next weekend”, and then I realize that, no, I should probably do that this weekend.
Next on the baby preparation agenda: Work on comfortable laboring positions with LA and find out exactly how she wants to be supported while laboring. Secondly, we need to get together a notecard or two of some bullet points of a rough draft birth plan to make sure we are on the same page. Thirdly, I would like to get together the diaper bag, and the laboring bag….just in case baby were to decide to come early for some reason…..just to be on the safe side.

PS. LA WEIGHT GAIN = 13 LBS, DAN WEIGHT Gain = ~13 lbs!

She looks pregnant and will continue to do so. If I continue to do so, I will be just fat.


31 weeks

Here we are at 31 weeks! Can I get an Amen, a Hallelujah- cause we have made it to the single digit count down!
In just *about* 9 weeks baby girl will be here rudely interrupting our nights of sleeping and being a wonderful lump of cuddly cuteness for us to marvel at- pretty much we are excited. VERY EXCITED.
We did some work on the nursery last night. It is coming along and turing out super cute. We had our birthing class today-which was interesting and informative. Plus it included a session on comfort positioning which involved lots of relaxing and massage from my hubby. NICE.
I thought I would do a little comment thing on how I am feeling/ect like I did in my first baby blogs just cause I haven't in a while.
Cravings: Pretty much I have been craving anything chocolate. Also green veggies like zucchini and broccoli
Fears: I think I am somewhat scared for baby girl to get here. I am sad to leave the simplicity of the life stage I am in and enter into the wide world of CHILDREN. I will miss the time with it just being Dan and I (and mira of course).
General Mood: I think overall I have been pretty happy. I have been SO TIRED lately. I think (even though my co-workers disagree) pregnancy has made me less firey. I mean lets be honest, I am still opinionated and outspoken, but things bother me less- especially in my home life and relationship with dan. I definitely complain less about his driving and how he decides to go places. I just think I am more go with the flow and less uptight then I was before.
Things I have been surprised by: I have been very surprised and THANKFUL at how easy this pregnancy has been. I was terrified I would hate being pregnant- and although I am getting a bit tired of being pregnant, I really have enjoyed it.
Things I am looking forward to: I miss running- especially this time of year, I was running a ton this time last year and I am excited to run again soon. Also- I am very excited to shop in normal clothing stores again- is it just that I can't wear them- or are the spring/summer fashions SUPER CUTE this year?!? And of course I am looking forward to meeting our baby girl!
Weight Gain: I almost didn't put this on here, but what the heck. So far I have gained 13 pounds. -That is just what my body has done and doesn't have much to do with me. I eat normally for me and workout less than I was before but just haven't gained on the "average" that they say women normally do- Now, in July when I do this survey thing again we will see what it says. My friends all tell me you gain most in the last 10 weeks.

That's all I've got for now- check back for a guest post from Dan. (Coming tonight or tomorrow)
Love, La
P.S. Baby girl got hiccups for the first time today- and I am pretty confident she has turned cause I felt them most in the right side of my rib cage-which would make me think there is either a head or feet there.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thoughts on my humanity & sono pictures

Some thoughts on my humanity-

-I have come to realize I am an extremely judgemental person. I feel like because I am open and honest and process verbally with people that it somehow excuses my judgementalness. I am going to work on judging less and loving more.
-I had a slight panic attack about having a baby. I just realized I really like MY free time and I don't really want to give that up to selflessly care for a child. (I also realize I don't really have a choice and I will get over it and in a hurry because baby girl is coming soon!) I just recognize I need to be less selfish with my time.
-I have the most amazing wonderful husband who loves me so perfectly. He is patient, kind, loving, and just takes care of me well. I hope I come close to loving him that well and I hope I can love our daughter that well. So many times lately when I tell someone something Dan has done for me/said to me I get the response "He is such a good man" It is so true. And I want to be that good of a woman for him.

I guess that is enough deep reflection for now. On to some baby pictures

I know these 3d sono pictures are kinda creepy, however they are of my daughter so I find them lovely, and wanted to share.
This is the first pic. I added some markers incase you can't tell what you are looking at. We didn't get any head on pics they are all mainly profile due to how she was facing.
I like this second one because you can see her little hand folded in front of her face and between her legs
This third one I like because you can see the little toes and her little foot at the top of the pic. How she gets her foot above her head I will never know!
This one if for all of you who said she will be BALD despite my heartburn. We don't know how much but know she has enough hair to tell on the sono!
That's all I've got for now.
Love, La

Monday, April 25, 2011

30 weeks & a big preggo belly

Today is monday...which means I am TECHNICALLY 30 weeks and 2 days. (Just giving myself credit where credit is due!) Wow these weeks go by fast. Last week was the most uncomfortable and grumpy I have been since being preggo. Baby girl is getting too big and laying too sideways for me to be comfortable. (my MIL made the mistake of saying "poor baby she is squished in there and getting big" to me yesterday. It took all my control not to snap back "POOR BABY? HELLO???? POOR ME. I AM THE UNCOMFORTABLE ONE!" granted I had only had 3.5 hours of sleep and wasn't thinking rationally. Miracle I kept my trap shut.) I tried all week to get her to turn. Doing this crazy inversion thing....
which actually is more comfortable than it looks if you just breath through it. I also tried using bags of frozen veggies strategically placed on top of my belly. Apparently she SHOULD dislike the cold and turn away from it- which, she seems fine with being frozen out so far and has stayed put.

This week we did our 3D ultrasound. She had her face smooshed up against my placenta and we didn't get any really good pics, but it was still fun to see her move for a while. Dan LOVED it, so it was definitely worth it just so he could see her. He seriously ate up every movement she made. This girl is gonna be so lucky to have a wonderful daddy that loves her so much!

So on to stuff about 30 weeks.
-Like I mentioned before I have been pretty uncomfortable and grumpy (dan is so patient and loving with me)
-Sleeping has been mediocre. If I can get kinda propped up on my back I do okay. Side sleeping is not so fun.
-Baby girl is just over 3lbs and moves a lot.
-At our ultrasound she was laying transverse still but had both of her feet up by her head. In a pike position. So her head, hands and feet are on my left side and her little rump is on my right side.
-At this point we are primarily waiting on weight gain, lung development, and brain development before she can be born healthy. (10ish weeks till we meet you baby girl- you can make it 7 or 8 if you want. that's fine by me)
-At our last Drs appt we found out I have O- blood and dan is O+ so I have to get Rhogam at our next visit to prevent future complications in pregnancy due to the possibility of my blood and baby girls blood mixing at delivery.
-I also need to do a glucose tolerance test- which I have been avoiding.
Here are my 30 week pics. A front and side view.
You can see a little sneak peak of the nursery in this pic.
Dan worked on so many projects for the nursery saturday. He got a ton accomplished. I was feeling extremely uncomfortable, unmotivated, and just lazy and spent most of my time not at work this week in THIS heavenly place.
Yep that is our mess of a bed. But let me tell you it was well used this week.

In other news. I made this for dinner Friday night-mainly because Dan deserved a hot cooked meal, for putting up with me all week. It was delish. (I should post the recipe, but that would take effort) It was made from scratch- even the salad dressing. Yep be impressed.
And I'm reading this...
I want to see the movie so bad so I need to read faster! It is very good so far.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Some Random Things.

Even though I have been using a ton of these… LIKE A LOT.

(Ignore the Hair Wig Harlem sign- I assure you I would NEVER buy lotion from a place calledhair wig harlem)

My skin still feels like this.

And it ITCHES. Mainly my arms and legs. My belly is nice and moisturized. (maybe because I more than obsessively lotion it)

Also- I had to think for about 10 minutes to figure out what day it was…and literally I couldn’t remember. I thought it maybe was Monday, but then maybe Tuesday? Could it be Wednesday already? Then I saw on a friend’s blog that she posted a wordless Wednesday picture today. Hummmm must be Wednesday. Sometimes working nights completely confuses you … (sometimes I am just confused in general)

Also- there is a child in my abdomen poking me from all directions. She was turned transverse (sideways) however, now I wonder what position she is in. Cause she in in my ribs, in my pelvis, on my sides. We have our 3D/ 4D sonogram tomorrow. Hopefully she is moving a ton then and we get some good pictures (even if they do look really creepy…I will love the pictures of my little creepy looking baby girl- HOPEFULLY SHE IS STILL A GIRL. A boy is great too, just need some d├ęcor change and that might overwhelm me a tad bit. )

P.S. I am watching biggest loser, does this show make anyone else want to sit on the couch with a bowl of ice cream and watch other people lose weight?

Also- In a blog post soon I want to discuss baby names (not ours of course) but yours. Ours is a semi-secret until baby comes. Meaning some know, some have guessed, and most others are clueless, but technically we are not announcing it until after baby girl arrives. There are too many opinions and I am a fragile (yeah right) emotional (definitely) pregnant lady that may or may not (MAY) care too much of other peoples opinion of her baby name.

But that is another blog post all together.

That's all I've got for now

Love, LA

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The view from above and 29 weeks

It seriously has been the most wonderful weekend! Dan and I worked on the nursery yesterday and I finally feel like it is coming together! I am excited to do a nursery reveal post....but you will all have to wait! Then last night we hung out with our good friend the Burys and their little baby girl Clara. Which- was Mira's first experience with a baby. She did so well! Mira was concerned when Clara cried, and interested, but gave her space an wasn't really scared at all. PRAISE THE LORD! Mira was kinda a worry in our new house guest (aka baby girl).
Today we just relaxed. Went on a walk. Went to the roasterie for coffee and read on the porch. We then came home and relaxed some more, did some window shopping & registering out south and then finished the night off at church & I even got to sit between two of my favorite people. Like I said it was a great weekend!
On to some baby Stuff. Here we are at 29 weeks!
I am feeling good! Sometimes sore, sometimes tired, but those are my biggest complaints.
I think I hit a growth spurt this week. I have been HUNGRY! And the number on the scale is less pretty than last week! (guess that was bound to happen)
Baby girl is moving a lot. I've had less heartburn this week- which is WONDERFUL! However, I have heard my stomach rumbling a ton, its kinda weird. I haven't heard my stomach rumble in months...and suddenly it is the sound track of my abdomen. Sleep has been better the last few days, but still isn't wonderful.
Baby girl is around 3lbs. And that is all we really learned from the book we are reading the week. It is crazy to think she COULD live in the outside world (with LOTS of support). It is also crazy to think only 11 weeks until her due date!
So here are two pics. One is what I see when I look down. Yep it is bare belly, which you won't see many of from me. Don't be main concern is WHERE HAVE MY FEET GONE??? (don't judge the whiteness its been winter!)

And then here is my 29 week pic.

That's all I've got for now.
Love, La
P.S. I think I have 2 chins now. I barely move my face and the other one drops down. (Again I argue I am genetically predisposed to this double chin, but still I fear it is here for the next 11 weeks at least!) Today I actually thanked Dan for loving me and both of my Chins. He's such a good hubby!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Kama Sutra of Sleeping Pregnant

First I would like to say my husband is disconnecting our cable box right now. Sad. We decided to give it up to save some $$ and because honestly we use it was too much for mindless entertainment and miss spending hours of possible quality time together cause we are too zoned into the tube. Still I will miss you CABLE TV, DVR, and the trash I watch on you. (On to better days and purifying the mind. )
If you have never been pregnant before you truly are missing out on the joy of SLEEPING AS A PREGGO LADY.
Every night around bed time I start to feel a sense of overwhelming dread. Cause I never know how the night will go. I don't even mind the Q3hr pee breaks (for you non-medical people that is every 3 hours) it is the beatings I fear. Occasionally I will get in a good night and will sleep like the dead (when I say occasionally I mean RARELY, but I am still thankful for them) Mostly I toss and turn and sleep okay with an occasional sharp word towards my husband or unborn daugther about how they are snoring/too close (to the husband) or about how its not nice to beat on mommy (to the daughter). The other night I may have Said to Dan "get her out" and "I don't like you right now" to the unborn daughter- now....that sounds AWFUL and I am kinda ashamed to admit I said that to my unborn daughter but after 3 hours of being awake I was DONE. So I played words with friends on my phone and free-cell till the sun came out and gave up sleeping entirely.
I have heard about how a baby that is laying head down will head-butt your bladder and kick away at your ribs and it can be super uncomfortable. However, let me explain what babies that are laying transverse do (see last post for a transverse picture) If you lay on your left side they nudge their little hard tennis ball head into your ribs cause I am sure they don't like the pressure on their heads. And if you lay on your Right side they kick away at your ribs on that side because...well who knows why but she does.
First- I got this pillow (the cute guy displaying it is mine too) Best 50 bucks I have ever spent. Boppy makes it and it has helped me sleep a lot better.

So here it Kama Sutra of Sleeping Pregnant.

Pretty soon after you get pregnant they tell you to stop laying on your stomach. That is how I prefer to sleep when not preggo. I pushed it and layed on my stomach until it was uncomfortable. But let me tell you IT STOPPED BEING COMFORTABLE A LONG TIME AGO.

They also tell you about 18 weeks to stop laying on your back. Apparently the heaviness of your uterus/baby can pinch your descending aorta cutting off circulation to your lower body including your uterus and baby. I have to admit I often would wake up on my back and have no lower body numbness and so I wasn't too worried. So I continued sleeping on my back until last week. When I woke up and sure enough each of my little piggies was kinda numb. I decided I had pushed it an extra 10 weeks and I should stop intentionally laying on my back.

This side lying is completely acceptable and can be done with or without the preggo pillow. It does help to have one between your legs though. I just find that the pillow helps a ton. However, since my SWEET baby girl is also laying sideways it means that if I lay on my side her head or feet are obtaining a lot of pressure. So in my case she beats me up all night by head butting or kicking my ribs depending on what side I lay on. ( I added the arrow for emphasis to show you WHERE she beats me)

I know this picture kinda looks like I am laying on my side. However, my belly is actually off the bed. It is kinda a back/side position. If you use the pillow the "wrong way" you can still get the benefits of its head and leg support and then sick in an extra pillow to make it so you aren't flat on your back. If I took out that extra pillow I would mostly be on my back and risk more numbness/lack of blood flow which is a bad thing. This position works best (for me) because baby girl isn't getting so much pressure on her head/legs and while she still moves her movements are sweet and don't resemble a beating at all.

The downfall to this position is that it takes up a lot of room in the bed so my sweet hubby has to be squished. (I think it is nice of me to be worried about his bed space since honestly I am the one getting squished by the ever-growing human in my abdomen/pelvis/lungs.)

That's all I've got for now-
Love, La

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Truth about "carrying wide" and being "pregnant in the face"

Before I get into the good stuff I thought I would post my SOLO 28 week picture. I couldn't do it in my 28 week post due to blogger being difficult.

So there it is. NICE huh? (I think I look pretty darn good if I do say so myself!)

Okay on to the title of the post. Firstly I think I may have mentioned before that SEVERAL people have told me I am carrying wide. Now, if you are a friend and we were discussing how I look that is one thing. To the SEVERAL random people that have just word vomited "You are carrying wide" onto me SHAME ON YOU. I still hold to the fact that is something you say behind someone's back not to their face. Every woman wants to think she has a perfect basketball belly so do the world a favor and CLOSE YOUR MOUTH and don't speak if you are going to state otherwise!
Well, on my most recent visit to my midwife I mention having serious pelvic pressure and wondered if the baby was just sitting really low in my pelvis. To my amazement baby girl was NOT in my pelvis at all! (This is actually a really good thing that she isn't low in my pelvis, apparently we would have been worried if she was at this point.) She is actually sitting like this...

They call that TRANSVERSE position. Now, ultimately we will want to get baby girl to turn head down- however this explains several things. One, The round ligament pain I have had only on the Right side (where baby girls feet kick me) and the low rib pain I have had only on the left side (Where the little squirt jams her head). Her head amazingly feels like a hard little tennis ball and when she is really trying to get my attention I can feel it nudge (painfully) against my side. Its kinda cool to know that is her head though.
Secondly it explains why I may be carrying "wide". So HA! There you go. It's not that I have gained x# of lbs from eating too many McDonalds cheese burgers or Butterfinger Ice cream sandwiches (do they make those? they sounds delish) Nope...She is laying sideways trying (at times) to strech her way out of my belly and making me go crazy. (Especially at night...see tomorrows post) My midwife said a transverse position can be super uncomfortable in your third trimester (fantastic!!) however, I can't complain because this pregnancy has been great so far!

Secondly- I have gotten the comment I look pregnant in my face- although I am fighting what is sure to soon be a double chin I would like to say I fight that even at my skinniest. Unfortunately I have inherited that gene from the Olson Women. My mom has the same struggles even when she is skinny skinny . It's a chin waddle, and there is nothing to do but embrace it (or get plastic surgery). So since at this point I have gained 10+ pounds I will embrace it and say "YOU WIN MOTHER NATURE, I HAVE A NICE LOOKING CHIN WADDLE NOW" If you are talking about me looking pregnant in the face because I have acne like a 14 year old boy then by all means YES, I LOOK PREGNANT IN THE FACE!

Just wanted to laugh about, and address some things.
That's all for now.
Love, LA

Monday, April 11, 2011

28 weeks & colorado

Our 28 week day has come and Gone but since we were headed to colorado this weekend I forgot to post. Saturday we flew into Denver and rented a car to make it up to Eagle (West of Vail). We spent some time putzing around in denver including getting breakfast at Sams No.3- Which is going topremier on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives TODAY! (Dan and I love that show and always talk about visiting restaraunts that are featured so I looked it up when we got into denver and sure enough we had a couple to choose from. We got HUGE pancakes and A HUGE burrito that was covered in gravy. YUM. Check out that burrito! /> We are here visiting Our friends Laci & Ryan and their two kiddos. (Unfortunately we left 90 degree weather to come to snow but so far that is the downfall of the trip) Saturday night we had a wonderful dinner with Laci and Ryan and then yesterday Laci's friend who is a pastry chef came over and cooked us this AMAZING BREAKFAST. I am going to gain 10lbs if we dont' cut it out with the eating. Homemade cinnamon rolls, this goat cheese, arugula & sun dried tomato frittata (that was my favorite) and orange french toast. Seriously so good. Here are a couple belly shots from this 28week marker. (who knew a preggo belly made such a great car parking garage/ramp) Then one of me and dan together- Dan pretending to be preggo too (blogger is being difficult so a single pic didn't get uploaded). Then A couple pics of Finley and Cooper Laci's sons. Here is a tid-bit about baby. She is around 2.3lbs She is about 15inches head to toe. She is laying transverse which means side to side-which you will hear more about in blog post soon She is super active, can see light and will move/respond to it. Sleep is TERRIBLE...I got a new pillow that helps sometimes. I am feeling great overall. =) That's all for now- I wish more pics would upload correctly. Oh-well can't win them all. Love, La

Monday, April 4, 2011

27 weeks and other happenings.

27 weeks
Well Hello Third Trimester! It's nice to meet you!
Again I am just going to mention how fast the time is going. If this girl comes ON her due date we have just less that 13 weeks until we will get to meet her...if she is late well lets not plan THAT far ahead. However in 10 weeks anytime really is fare game for her to join us! The birth center where I am planning to deliver opens June 17th. LETS KEEP HER IN TILL THEN! (If it isn't ready I will move to a nearby hospital, which is fine too, I just really would prefer the first

Okay a few things about this week-
-Baby girl can sense light from Dark now.
-She is over 2lbs and over 15 inches from head to toe.
-I now can see my stomach move. Its funny. My mom says she is doing jazzersize in there!
-She is kinda funny about moving though. If I want someone else to feel I think she can tell it isn't my hand on my tummy. She will stop moving if someone else tries to feel. She will eventually pick it up again, however its almost like she has to get used to you before she will continue moving.
-No new cravings or symptoms
-Sleep is getting tougher and I often wake up SUPER sore! Why??? Anyone know? I also get up at least once to pee. Oh the joys.
-That's all I've got about baby girl- Although I CANNOT WAIT! (but will) to meet her. So excited for her to join us.
Here are a few pictures from the week.
Here is my 27 week pictures. Snapped at 830 am before our group give my mug and squished tired looking eyes a break! Focus on the belly people!
Dan and I hung out with the Burys on Friday night. We Had a fun time of food playing games and learning how much information Emily really holds in her mind pertaining to FRIENDS. It is kinda crazy. (The girl has always had a freakishly good memory, but WOW! Can any of you tell me how many and what types of potatoes were served at the Friends first thanksgiving?...CAUSE SHE CAN!) Anyway- here is a super cute pic of day with Clara
(He is going to be the best dad...just saying)

I have been shopping for a new duvet cover for awhile now. YES, I know I could make one, and it would be WAY cheaper and look just as good. HOWEVER, I didn't want to. Sometimes its just worth it to buy. So I found this beauty at Pottery Barn (on sale). Dan doesn't hate it, but obviously it wouldn't be his first choice. (Too bad. He chose the last one so it's my turn!) LOVE IT.

Then Last but not least I watched the kids this weekend. Here was a cute pic from the car- She kept hollaring for him and holding out her hand which he would then obligingly hold. So sweet. We also made blueberry muffins for breakfast Sunday morning and when I went to get them out of the oven I found cherrios in the bottom of the oven mitt when I stuck my hand in. Which was in a drawer. Hilarious. I cannot wait to discover these little things in my own house. Kids are funny. The muffins were DELISH. Wish I had one RIGHT NOW.

That's all I've got for now.
Love, LA