Saturday, July 28, 2012

Big Plans

You see, I tend to make these grand plans. 
On how my life is going to turn out.
How many kids we will have. 
Where we will live, how our finances will look.
And then life happens- and it doesn't work out according to my plans at all.
God calls me to surrender and I half do. I say "Okay Lord, your way not mine." 
.....then I precede to make plan B. 
Cause it always turns out that Plan B- was my plan too, and then God calls me to surrender that as well. 
Usually the call to surrender comes in the form of life hitting me over the head...hard. 

And so then I am left plan-less saying 
"Lord provide, Lord lead....cause I've got nothing"

I know what I'm doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.
Jeremiah 29:11 (Message) 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


This month I am entering my 5th year of being a nurse.  Today I had my most challenging day in my career (probably-I am kinda forgetful so I am sure I have had some hard ones before that I am forgetting).
Anyway, it was a hard one. But tonight as I recall the day, I am proud of myself, I realized I do remember the things I have learned in classes, over the years, and my instincts are good.
Today I was scared, and afraid, but then what I KNEW kicked in and everything ended up fine. I know in nursing that isn't always the case, but today it was, and I am SO THANKFUL for that.

I love getting to be a part of families BIRTH DAYS.
It is pretty incredible.


Monday, July 23, 2012

Maine & Stuff

Well Folks, People are starting to wonder where I went. I am not saying that because I am full of myself and I just KNOW people must be reading this little blog. Nope- people have started mentioning my lack of blogging...So Hello! Here I am.

We went on a vacay to Maine. It was lovely- and much cooler than this RIDICULOUS heat the midwest is having. We got to go to the beach, and eat lobster, and just rest. It was great.

It also had some not so great parts including a ridiculous day of travel to get there which had highlights of Emmaus' carseat (not the one she was in but the one we were talking with us) falling out of my moms car at 4am -Almost missing our flight that Delta told us was canceled but in reality was not- The lady infront of us ordering 3 alcoholic drinks at 6am, reciting her complete life and medical history and then having the nerve as we were leaving to tell me she thought WE were going to ruin the flight cause we had a baby with us (UMMMMM....Emmaus was silent the whole time) It actually was an amusing day in hindsight.

Emmaus had a lot of seizures at the beginning of the week due to stress I think from being out of her normal routine & surroundings then got sick at the end of the week- but really she slept mildly well, ate well, laughed a whole lot and was a joy to be with all well. I know she loved spending time with her aunt Sarah & uncle Rob (Uncle Bobert is what I call him).

I also may have had a mini break down about my life- about how it is turning out so differently than I had expected. About how I want a bigger family, and I don't know how that is going to work out in the reality of life now. About how I want to stay at home and not work- which is a new development and I didn't really know that until I changed jobs- ( I love my new job by the way, but I have just realized as much as I love it, I am still not where my heart is, but until it is a reality to be home I am at least glad I am loving my job now.)

So even thought the last three paragraphs seem like our trip may have been less than enjoyable it really was a wonderful trip.
See life isn't live with BUT's it is lived with ANDS.

We didn't have a good trip BUT all these other things happened.

We had a good trip AND had these other things happen.
Joy&Reality living hand in hand. That is life.

My personal mini-break down truly was growth and while growing pains hurt, it was beneficial and necessary.

Here are a few pics from the week!

Love, La

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

First Birthday Party

So we had a big (HUGE really) first birthday party for miss Emmaus- complete with about 70 of our closest friends & family, a jumbo blow up water slide, fun milk glasses with pinwheel details & paper straws, lots of pennants everywhere, heart-shaped PB&J, individual chip bags, custom water bottle labels (my dad made for the day), and much more! 
We got a bit carried away. But lets be honest here- this year has been a hard one. We needed lots of support from our community and well....we really wanted to celebrate with all of those people. 
It was a fun, beautiful day, and I had A TON OF FUN planning it!



Thanks to my friend Heather for snapping some pictures for us!
And for everyone who came out to celebrate-
It has been a hard, but amazing year! Now onward to year two!

Love, La