Some Random Things.

Even though I have been using a ton of these… LIKE A LOT.

(Ignore the Hair Wig Harlem sign- I assure you I would NEVER buy lotion from a place calledhair wig harlem)

My skin still feels like this.

And it ITCHES. Mainly my arms and legs. My belly is nice and moisturized. (maybe because I more than obsessively lotion it)

Also- I had to think for about 10 minutes to figure out what day it was…and literally I couldn’t remember. I thought it maybe was Monday, but then maybe Tuesday? Could it be Wednesday already? Then I saw on a friend’s blog that she posted a wordless Wednesday picture today. Hummmm must be Wednesday. Sometimes working nights completely confuses you … (sometimes I am just confused in general)

Also- there is a child in my abdomen poking me from all directions. She was turned transverse (sideways) however, now I wonder what position she is in. Cause she in in my ribs, in my pelvis, on my sides. We have our 3D/ 4D sonogram tomorrow. Hopefully she is moving a ton then and we get some good pictures (even if they do look really creepy…I will love the pictures of my little creepy looking baby girl- HOPEFULLY SHE IS STILL A GIRL. A boy is great too, just need some décor change and that might overwhelm me a tad bit. )

P.S. I am watching biggest loser, does this show make anyone else want to sit on the couch with a bowl of ice cream and watch other people lose weight?

Also- In a blog post soon I want to discuss baby names (not ours of course) but yours. Ours is a semi-secret until baby comes. Meaning some know, some have guessed, and most others are clueless, but technically we are not announcing it until after baby girl arrives. There are too many opinions and I am a fragile (yeah right) emotional (definitely) pregnant lady that may or may not (MAY) care too much of other peoples opinion of her baby name.

But that is another blog post all together.

That's all I've got for now

Love, LA


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