31 weeks

Here we are at 31 weeks! Can I get an Amen, a Hallelujah- cause we have made it to the single digit count down!
In just *about* 9 weeks baby girl will be here rudely interrupting our nights of sleeping and being a wonderful lump of cuddly cuteness for us to marvel at- pretty much we are excited. VERY EXCITED.
We did some work on the nursery last night. It is coming along and turing out super cute. We had our birthing class today-which was interesting and informative. Plus it included a session on comfort positioning which involved lots of relaxing and massage from my hubby. NICE.
I thought I would do a little comment thing on how I am feeling/ect like I did in my first baby blogs just cause I haven't in a while.
Cravings: Pretty much I have been craving anything chocolate. Also green veggies like zucchini and broccoli
Fears: I think I am somewhat scared for baby girl to get here. I am sad to leave the simplicity of the life stage I am in and enter into the wide world of CHILDREN. I will miss the time with it just being Dan and I (and mira of course).
General Mood: I think overall I have been pretty happy. I have been SO TIRED lately. I think (even though my co-workers disagree) pregnancy has made me less firey. I mean lets be honest, I am still opinionated and outspoken, but things bother me less- especially in my home life and relationship with dan. I definitely complain less about his driving and how he decides to go places. I just think I am more go with the flow and less uptight then I was before.
Things I have been surprised by: I have been very surprised and THANKFUL at how easy this pregnancy has been. I was terrified I would hate being pregnant- and although I am getting a bit tired of being pregnant, I really have enjoyed it.
Things I am looking forward to: I miss running- especially this time of year, I was running a ton this time last year and I am excited to run again soon. Also- I am very excited to shop in normal clothing stores again- is it just that I can't wear them- or are the spring/summer fashions SUPER CUTE this year?!? And of course I am looking forward to meeting our baby girl!
Weight Gain: I almost didn't put this on here, but what the heck. So far I have gained 13 pounds. -That is just what my body has done and doesn't have much to do with me. I eat normally for me and workout less than I was before but just haven't gained on the "average" that they say women normally do- Now, in July when I do this survey thing again we will see what it says. My friends all tell me you gain most in the last 10 weeks.

That's all I've got for now- check back for a guest post from Dan. (Coming tonight or tomorrow)
Love, La
P.S. Baby girl got hiccups for the first time today- and I am pretty confident she has turned cause I felt them most in the right side of my rib cage-which would make me think there is either a head or feet there.


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