28 weeks & colorado

Our 28 week day has come and Gone but since we were headed to colorado this weekend I forgot to post. Saturday we flew into Denver and rented a car to make it up to Eagle (West of Vail). We spent some time putzing around in denver including getting breakfast at Sams No.3- Which is going topremier on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives TODAY! (Dan and I love that show and always talk about visiting restaraunts that are featured so I looked it up when we got into denver and sure enough we had a couple to choose from. We got HUGE pancakes and A HUGE burrito that was covered in gravy. YUM. Check out that burrito! /> We are here visiting Our friends Laci & Ryan and their two kiddos. (Unfortunately we left 90 degree weather to come to snow but so far that is the downfall of the trip) Saturday night we had a wonderful dinner with Laci and Ryan and then yesterday Laci's friend who is a pastry chef came over and cooked us this AMAZING BREAKFAST. I am going to gain 10lbs if we dont' cut it out with the eating. Homemade cinnamon rolls, this goat cheese, arugula & sun dried tomato frittata (that was my favorite) and orange french toast. Seriously so good. Here are a couple belly shots from this 28week marker. (who knew a preggo belly made such a great car parking garage/ramp) Then one of me and dan together- Dan pretending to be preggo too (blogger is being difficult so a single pic didn't get uploaded). Then A couple pics of Finley and Cooper Laci's sons. Here is a tid-bit about baby. She is around 2.3lbs She is about 15inches head to toe. She is laying transverse which means side to side-which you will hear more about in blog post soon She is super active, can see light and will move/respond to it. Sleep is TERRIBLE...I got a new pillow that helps sometimes. I am feeling great overall. =) That's all for now- I wish more pics would upload correctly. Oh-well can't win them all. Love, La


  1. That sounds like an A MAZ ING weekend! And you look so adorable!


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