Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The sea is churning....

For a while now I have been feeling that God is calling me to step out of my current life situation and begin to follow him first. So this week at 61 they announced that The Gathering is going to become its own church seperate from Heartland. This whole concept scares me. Jon our pastor made the illustration that God is calling the Gathering to get out of the boat and come to him on the water. And of course that is a very scary thing. Over the last few days I am becomming more comfortable with the idea and truly preparing myself to become a leader in this new step. I am not a follower... I never have been and it is time to stop having one foot out of and one foot in the boat. God says he hates lukewarm christians...he spews them out of his mouth. I am a luke warm follower of Christ and it is time to turn up the temperature!
I need to become a woman who prays without ceasing and who lives her life in the word. I am excited about the changes but scared.
After 61 at the Gathering we sang this song multiple times that says "I will not be afraid, I will not be ashamed for you are with me, you are with me. And I've seen enough to know, that you're my only hope. I don't want to go if you're not with me."

I will not be afraid. If God is for me, who can be against me!
In other news, we have less than two months until I become Mrs Laurisa Ballew. I am excited. I need to relax, put my mind at ease and just have fun in the next two months. There is stuff left to do, but I really have to just get my mind ready to have fun on that day. I am honestly super stressed about it, which isn't necessary, but just how I am. SO RELAX is my motto. It will be wonderful without me trying to control every single detail.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Its fun to be showered.

So...saturday was my first shower and bachelorette party! I cannot believe how much I enjoyed myself. First of all the shower was beautiful! Emily did a wonderful job on everything! Laci came in Thursday and I really enjoyed spending time with her. I got most of my big items at my shower. It was very fun to take all the stuff home and fill my cabinets with it. Then I also got incredible things at my bachelorette party! Plus I got a huge compliment. One of my friends said to Emily "Laurisa always gives the best gifts so I want to give her a really great gift" Wow! That makes me feel really good! I was really happy with everything. I had a great time.

Last week we also started looking at Dogs. We found an adorable little puppy. She is a mix, her mom was australian shepard and lab and her dad was blue heeler. She is so sweet. We brought her home today! I couldn't be more excited! I felt like we had to wait an eternity to get her (from friday to now) so I am just glad she is home with us. On the way home she was so scared in the car. She did a super cute thing and put her head in the door. Here are a couple pictures to show you our new baby! We named her MIRA (like mira, mira, on the wall- thanks laci for that quote)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Praise God for many Blessings!!

Praise God I finally found table cloths for the wedding!! Emily (my MOH) and I went looking for them on Monday. I am so glad she agreed to go with me. We got so much accomplished that day and I truly felt blessed to have someone to just go do all the tedius tasks with me. The swatch on the Left is about the right color of the ones we decided to use. Then paired with the green apples I think it will look supurb!! We also figured out the wedding favors and how they will look/be packaged. Another thing I am pleased about. So both of those things are a huge blessings! So then the other news is that we may get a puppy. We have been looking at a couple that are very cute and we are going to see some on Friday. I am excited. And then the other big thing is that we have completed our first month of The Dave Ramsey method/ Complete money makeover(CMM). We put $1500 in savings this month. Now that won't be typical for us however it was a great start. This month I have adjusted a few things to hopefully make the CMM work better I added a giving section so that we have a place to drawn from when we have gifts we want to give. I also increased areas that were hard/impossible last month. Example- Dan and I like to eat out, it is just something we enjoy doing together so I increased the Eat out budget from 60 to 80 dollars. I also Added money to our wedding fund. We are honeymooning in Mexico- so dan is going to need swim trunks and I need a suit or two, so that stuff can come from that fund. I am truly proud that our saving went up this month. I hope to have almost 5 thousand dollars by the wedding. (I'm sure some of it will have to be spent on the wedding, but who knows) Anyway...Hooray for some major victories this month. I will update about puppy news. asap