Monday, April 29, 2013

Let the parenting begin & a give away

My sweet angel child has turned into a toddler.
 Her developmental delays, while still present- seem to be less obvious these days. Her seizure hazed self has disappeared and massive development and new found personality are in full bloom around here. 

She is into EVERYTHING.
She has an opinion about most things.
And we are finding our selves using language like "be gentle" "nice touches" "no-no Emmaus! Danger!" 

This little girl is in love with her Dada. (They are basically twins)

Today we got out to enjoy this beautiful weather with our dear friends.

Oh the childhood joy of believing weeds are flowers. 
(I also learned today that dandelions are edible-good things because Emmaus snacked on a couple before I realized what was happening)
I guarantee this sweet moment of sharing flowers was the only sharing moment that happened between these two today.  
(Another parenting task to tackle)

So- I have several projects I want to try- "crafts" if you will. So I thought every couple of weeks through the spring and summer (before I have baby) it would be fun to do some give aways!!
(We will see how this first one goes before I promise one every couple of weeks)

Today I am giving away my current obsession. A Ruffle Mama Band.
It isn't exclusively for Mama's- but it allows me to put my hair up and look semi-put together while running around town- instead of looking like the hot mess I often am. 

          UMMM LOVE

So here is how it works.
1. You must follow my blog to enter.
2. Leave a comment
3. For extra entries share this giveaway on your social media network/networks of choice and leave a comment/comments saying you shared & where.

The Headband will not necessarily be this color- but will likely be striped- cause I am a bit obsessed with stripes this spring. 
I will announce the winner next monday & get your headband shipped to you!


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

You're gonna miss these days

Today was a day. A LONG LONG day. It started at 2:30am when Emmaus woke up and decided she would cry till 6, sleep from 6-7 and be up for the day. And when I say "up for the day"- I mean she didn't take a nap all day long- despite forced nap attempts by yours truly. I lost that battle- I fought, but lost.
Did I say the day seemed long yet?
I was discouraged- I cried on the way to and the way home from an errand this morning.
I felt silly for thinking we could handle #2 already.
I felt exhausted by the lack of sleep that had occurred last night.
I felt discouraged by Dan and I's conversation and interactions with each other last night.

Today was a day that the weight of the "amount of life" that has happened in the last four years seemed extremely overwhelming. Impossible even. Sometimes I feel like I am walking up a mountain and I can look back and think "WOW I have come so far!" Today- I felt that I was walking up the mountain- and I stopped to survey my progress between two clouds- one covering the top so I can't see the goal- and the other below, blocking the view of my progress.
Stuck in the in between-

This is my kid- squealing with joy at the success of being a tyrant all day. She looks like a little imp in this pic- it cracks me up (and makes me feel exhausted).

This is where the post gets sappy. My bestie sent me a link to this video-
I may have cried watching it- call it what you want- pregnancy, exhaustion, country music, or maybe the fact that while I was watching it my kid got stuck STANDING at the fridge. She gets up- but still struggles sitting back down. And all of the sudden I realized that life is happening even in the bad days- time is passing, she is growing-changing.
There are 2 months before she turns two
I have 3 months to enjoy my MOSTLY sweet little one, before I have to split my time between her and her little brother or sister.
I have a little over 1 year before she will start pre-school.

She fell asleep on the way to get our dinner (Taco Tuesday!) And as I looked back at her finally asleep she just looked so big-she is so big.
Good days, bad days, time passes- and I know WILL miss these days.
(But not the sleep- I will never miss the sleep I used to get!)


Friday, April 12, 2013

Growth & Development

I fear I have become a special occasion blogger. bah. I need to write more. I guess our life is just pretty routine and boring right now. And let me say- It's really nice! 
We have had years of chaos, and change, and stress it feels like- and so its nice to be having more of a routine, less medical emergencies and stress...I mean I am totally jinxing myself by saying this- but we haven't even been to the ER since right after her surgery! That is some kinda of record around here. 

I am ever reminded that TS is still present in our lives, sometimes I wonder if Emmaus is having seizures, I watch things very closely often- inspecting her stares and blinks- but for now we are enjoying the time of rest and routine. 
And when I say rest and routine- I really mean a flourishing toddler who is in to everything. Who is learning to stand and apparently climb? (I mean the kid has trouble standing strong on two feet, yet once she gets up she things- sure I will try to climb on the couch?! ummm what?)

She is also learning that she dislikes when we won't let her do something, or when we tell her No. Today I told the dog no, and Emmaus thought I was talking to her and she busted out THE LIP. She does not like when we put limits on her. And she generally either frantically waves her arms to show her protest- or she pouts. The pouting is undeniably cute. And its hard to keep a straight face. Cause man- this girl has some big lips- and she pouts them so well. 

Life is good. I definitely cannot complain. I am thankful for this time of calm and routine before we add baby to our family. And I am so thankful for this little girl who is just changing and developing so much. We are so proud of her. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Pictures

Well since I posted yesterday about my thoughts spiritually about Easter- I thought today I would share some fun photos from the day. 
This was the first year Emmaus was interested in the Easter festivities. 
However- we parent failed and didn't get her an easter basket, or dye eggs. It was a busy week and weekend and so some things just fell away- however, my sweet cousins did plan a little easter egg hunt at my Grandmas so she got in on some Egg hunting.

 She wasn't quite sure about the eggs- or what to do with them...

So the older and wiser showed her the right way to dump an egg... 
 She followed suit for multiple eggs- kid was in heaven! 

There was a lot of cousin love happening. My cousin Addy was VERY excited to see Emmaus- and she predicts there is a boy or girl, in my belly. (She's right!)

These two... they are my life.
My love.  

And these thighs... Moving everywhere- going going going. Only stopping to sleep (or eat)
 All night she tried to get food to come out of her blocks, or any toy that was remotely bright or similar to an egg. 

Also- Emmaus stood from kneeling for the first time yesterday. She was after the computer that Dan was using and she just stood up! My dad joked "She has Risen". We are so proud of our girl. This is a milestone we have been working on a lot- we still have work to do to make it consistent and steady, but man that first time is so precious. Well done sweet girl.