Thursday, October 29, 2009

DANCE TRAIN STATION BELGIUM do-re-mi The Sound of Music - Julie Andrews

Thanks to my friend becky for this wonderful video. Flash dances seem to be "ALL THE RAGE" this year. Oprah opened her new season with a flash dance, there are hundreds of videos on you tube about them. Kinda a cool idea. So watch out if you find yourself in a public place and music breaks out, you may just be experiencing a FLASH DANCE!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


I have two sweet surprises to tell about tonight! First a little back story, that applies to both things actually. If you have been reading this blog or caught me in a moment of stress (there have been two months full of moments now) you probably already know this stuff. Dan and I have been having a rough couple of months. Firstly, we have been encountering all sorts of health problems that have made our budget quite tight. So I have been working extra shifts and dan has been working to catch up in school and then working his job at Starbucks. So we have been seeing each other very little. So I may of (or absolutely did) had a little break down before work saturday night. And my very sweet husband instead of getting defensive or hurt just listened and told me everything would be okay. So my first sweet surprise came when I got home from work this morning. Waiting for me on my bed (Dan sleeps on the couch when I work...don't ask me why!) was a scattering of "flower petals" that were actually notes of encouragement.

Now, I am fully aware that these notes do not look remotely like flower petals. (Infact, I think they truly resemble dinosaur foot prints...) But to me they are more beautiful and more lovely than any flowers I have ever seen! (And be warned the comment about me being a great mother is a purely futuristic reference and not due to anything growing in my uterus!)

The Second Surprise came when we were out tonight. We went to look for a shelf to put in our laundry room. So then I wasn't ready to go home so we stopped at Wal-mart just cause it was right next to home depot. We decided to get groceries while we were there! Did you all know that buying groceries at Wal-mart is MUCH cheaper than the normal grocery store?!?! I have been seeing commercials advertising that they are cheaper but HOLY GOSH IT IS TRUE!!! We spent 50$ on groceries...much less than normal (probably about 30$) and hold on to your seats- WE BOUGHT A LOT OF NAME BRAND STUFF!!! even splurged on a few "smart ones" (my fav meal for lunch at work) and EL Fudge cookies!! I mean we are taking MAJOR SAVINGS HERE!!! Before all the health issues came about we always shopped at ALDI...a very cost effective store. However, their food generally is high in sodium. So today I felt hope again that our grocery budget could go back down. From now on I will drive the extra 1 1/2 miles to Walmart to save probably close to 80 bucks a month! I know this seems like a small deal, but the budget is tight so all savings help! So Sorry if my SHAMELESS Wal-mart plug offends your small town values or dislike of huge corporations, however I am very impressed and will now advertise because I am impressed.
So here is to sweet surprise sunday! And of course I have to add, which is a bit repetitive from the above story and pictures but...MY HUSBAND ROCKS! I am so lucky to have him.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Playlists

Tomorrow (Sunday) is Our big "Spring Cleaning Day"!!! Now I am fully aware of the fact that it IS NOT SPRING...and usually people aren't so excited to clean...However, We renewed our lease and since we have been living there a year now, it is time to spend a day DEEP CLEANING and ORGANIZING to make our tiny living space...livable.
So in lieu of updating you all on my dramatic overly stressed life (sorry becky, you already got the rundown tonight but thanks for listening, and understanding) I am going to talk about a neutral subject that is pretty common. MUSIC- People often ask the question "What kind of music do you like". I always thought that was an odd question. I don't know exactly what I like, and most of it isn't popular or a genre I can even explain. So here it is...
Relent K is my ALL TIME FAVORITE BAND!! They have the best music that I consider lyrically strong and very witty. Their albums have titles such as mmmmhhhmmm...., Four score and seven years ago, Anatomy of the tongue and cheek, ect ect. Their songs relate to the average persons life and they have a good beat. I looked it up and it is punk/pop as far as genre.
songs include "Which to bury us or the hatchet" "who I am hates who I've been" "High of 75" (which is about the weather) Good music and great lyrics. Check them out!
I also LOVE worship music and listen to that most frequently. Check out Hillsong United and Jon Shirley (itunes). Jon shirley happens to be the worship leader at our church, however his album "Heaven Hear Us" is very good.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Have you ever felt so burdened for someone/something that you can't stand it. Has the Lord ever placed something like that in your life? Something you dream of, wake in the middle of the night and pray for and just feel constantly broken hearted and burdened about?
As christians we are called to bare each others burdens. So I guess that is what I will do.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Things i'm loving

So it is Friday (Which obviously means I missed Laws of LA thursday...don't worry there will be more thursdays to come) And it also means I should be doing MY HUSBAND ROCKS...which I will later today. However, for now I want to share a few things that I am LOVING.

GLEE!!!! So I have caught the Glee fever. I loved high school. I find myself getting caught up in the drama of it all. Not to mention that musicals make my heart go pitter-patter. So when when they add in very fun, songs it is pretty much a complete package as far as Sit-coms go. (my bestie admitted her treason today buy saying glee was as highly ranked as the office in her world...don't worry EM its that high in my world too, but we won't tell anyone.)I know my husband gets annoyed at my constant singing/re-performing of the numbers after I have watched an episode.
"Just keep holding on, we're gonna make it through, make it through." (just imagine not so wonderful singing and ridiculous choreography added)

My north face Denali...I know these jackets are overpriced and my best friend things they are even kinda ugly...however I LOVE MY North face!! Since Kansas hasn't heard of fall and we have gone from 75degrees to 45 degrees in a matter of days...the north face has leaped out of
hibernation and is now getting plenty of use again. Easy to wash, Warm while being light weight, its just BLISS~

I am also LOVING cardigans. I have a green one that I am particularly fond of at this point. I do not own this specific cardigan, however it is a good representation of what I am loving this fall. Pair it with a tshirt, a tanktop, jeans, a dress, leggings. It is a very versatile piece.
Not only a wonderful masterpiece of a movie (okay maybe that is an exaggeration, but it's my favorite movie!!) And let's face it, can it get much better than meg ryan and tom hanks? But, it is just a fall staple in my world (I own two copies, JUST IN CASE I misplace, loose, break, scratch, It is witty, has a wonderful soundtract, is a love story, brings back memories because of the AOL log in sound and dialup-sound...(NO MATTER THE MEMORIES the sound of DIALUP BRINGS....THE MAN THAT CREATED HIGH SPEED INTERNET IS MY HERO) It is a fall classic...because after all doesn't everyone love the smell of scotch tape? And desire to receive a bouquet of sharpened pencils?
CHECK IT OUT! I know you'll love it.
love LA

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Cider

So today(even thought it was 50 degrees outside) I drug my very sweet husband(who had to miss the chiefs game) to the cidermill. We invited Rob & Sarah to come along. And I know at least Sarah and I had a good time. The first stop was for their fresh APPLE CIDER DOUGHNUTS!!!! If that doesn't float your boat we also got hot apple cider and a carmel apple. YUM. We then headed down to the pumpkin patch/corn maze. I had never been in a corn maze before and although it was fun, I think the experience could have been enhanced if it happened at night. The extra dramatic flair of darkness would have added a bit of fear. The pumpkin patch wasn't anything spectacular which, was too bad. However, Sarah and I did find the most perfect pumpkin, which neither of us bought, which, is truly a shame. (See picture below) Fun day.
Love, La

Friday, October 9, 2009


So I am introducing another segment...(I know, I know this isn't a talk show) This idea is credited to another blogger( but every friday she devotes her post to her husband and why he rocks.
My husband is the funniest person I know. He can make me laugh harder than anyone. I think laughter is very important...because if you can't laugh at yourself and in situations it makes things much harder.

We couldn't stop laughing during our wedding ceremony
My husband is so encouraging....for example. He wrote this on my fb wall tonight (I work nights)hey! just so you know, you are as beautiful as the day i met you! LOVE!
My husband is adventurous, and if it is not his idea of a great adventure he goes along with my ideas of adventure too...when we first started dating we called our date nights "adventure nights

Us in Rocky Mountain National Park at the Alpine visitor center...we took a trek up to 12005ft...(dan was not a fan of this idea but he was up for it because I wanted to go so muchMy husband loves God and always encourages my relationship with God. He has strength though God and I never have to carry a burden alone. He is always next to me taking the weight off.

people laying hands on us and praying over our marriage during our ceremony

My husband does the laundry, cleans the apt, does the dishes, often packs my lunch for me, goes to school, works part time, and then he thanks ME for working hard to provide for us. He is the hard worker. And I am so thankful for him

So its obvious...MY HUSBAND ROCKS!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Laws of LA

So here is the deal. I am a very strongly opinionated person...and that may be an understatement. So I have decided once a week to write a segment(what, do I think people actually read this? I sound like I am on a talk show here) about things I think should be laws...or at least standards and if nothing else ADVICE EVERYONE SHOULD TAKE!! I am calling this "segment" Laws of LA (not like L.A. the city but the sound LA like as in la la la la la that you would sing as a vocal warm up. My name is Laurisa Anne and my friends often call me LA...) So Laws of LA it is.

(obviously I chose this picture to represent laws of la because anyone with their own bobble head is of great importance and their advice should be seriously considered)

1. A five point turn to get into a parking space (even if you are in an SUV and trying to fit into a tiny spot) is NEVER necessary. If you are not capable of getting into the spot in two tries give up.

-if you an in a parking garage and there is a line of cars behind you and you try to pull this little stunt you should have to go to adult time out.

-if you are one of those people that is facing the reality that you can never enter a parking space on two tries or less here are some suggestions for where to park your car and other options for you

-park in a field

-park in a completely abandoned lot

-park on the street (however under NO CIRCUMSTANCE try to parallel park)


-take the bus

-ride your bike

-roller blade

Most parks/paths/apartment complexes state that if your dog poops you must pick it up.

LAWS of LA states:

2. If your dog poops in an open area PICK IT UP!! If your dog poops in a place it can't be seen/easily stepped on you are not required to pick it up (as it is biodegradable...however the plastic bags we use to pick it up are not...funny how beauty of the land comes before good of the earth)

Here is a list of places where you are exempt from picking up the poo

- In tall grass (grass must be at least calf length and intended to be tall grass, your lawn that needs to be mowed doesn't count as "tall grass")

-I personally am glad tall grass is exempt because my very modest pooch likes to "do the dew" in tall grass

-In the bushes

-At the dog park

-In a wooded area

-And of course on your own private property

One more addendum to this rule- Although this is rather gross...If the dog is having loose/diarrhea stools they are exempt from having to be picked up.

That's all for now!


Monday, October 5, 2009


It is a very interesting thing to me how quickly I am able to regress to my former self.
And by former self...I am not talking about the above example. (Although you've got to LOVE the puff sleeves!!!)

If I lose my focus, if I let my guard down or if something unexpected comes my way I crumble. I am Gods child. Yet I let myself be defined by this world. I have had a terrible time lately in letting my confidence come from my external appearance...which isn't necessarily what I would like it to be. I let the lies from my past come flooding into my present. Lies that say I am not good enough, pretty enough, thin enough, ect, ect...

I have an amazing Husband. He tells me I am beautiful everyday. And I have an amazing God who's word tells me who I truly I am. Yet I have to CHOOSE to live in these truths. Instead of changing my clothes 100 times because I am not confident in how I look. I have to choose to believe my beauty is not only because of my looks but because of WHO I AM.
I am the daughter of a the Most High God...and the wife to a truly good man.
I refuse to be defined by 10 pounds or an ideal weight or how my clothes look on me, or how my friends are all very skinny people.

So How's That for Honesty?
I love this Picture. I felt beautiful in it. This is the me I am storing in my head. So this week I am doing a little home improvement project. Dan and I talked about how I feel last night and he encouraged me to not use our mirror this week. Of course I will use the bathroom mirror to get ready, but the full length mirror is off limits. I will believe I am beautiful because beauty doesn't come from how I look in my clothes. He is going to give me extra encouragement, and I am going to focus on the promises in Gods Word and who God says I am. Dan is such a good man...did I mention that?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Exciting Matters at hand

First off I would like to inform everyone that HANSON...yes the Hanson brothers (mmmbop...predicesors to the Joe Bro's....The guys that had long hair and looked like girls...) YES THOSE HANSON BROTHERS were in concert last night. Where was I you might ask? At work...Huge let down. But they are back everyone! And my sixth-grade self is unashamed that I still love them.

Here is a pic from way back when (Oh how my 12year old heart throbbed for them.)

And of course a current representation (Less throbbing these days)

But still it is a shame I couldn't go to see them...They were at the Beaumont club too...I love seeing shows there.

Next item on the agenda....this update is thanks to my very reliable news informant, co-worker and friend (MS. BECKY JONES)
Although the books are over and the movies are coming to an End...we will now have the WORLD OF HARRY POTTER coming to the Universal Studios Island's Adventure near (or no-where near) you!
So for a round trip ticket (300ish bucks)
Park admission tickets (probably 75 bucks)
and spending money.....You can experience Harry's world first hand!!!
I have already started planning our trip. (Poor Dan...He hate Harry Potsmoker...or that is what he calls him)
This month we are skipping the retirement savings account to save up for HARRY POTTER over spring break!!!
Coming Spring 2010...Check out the link and sneak peek video.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Big Bully & Vaccum!

Today as I was trying to nap I could hear the shuffling of the leaves outside. Fall has a specific sound. It is the sound of rapidly drying leaves rubbing together as the wind blows through the trees. And the sound of leave that have fallens being scooted along by the wind on the concrete. I love the sound of fall.
On another note. I have taken to calling my husband two-face...cause of his burned right side of his face.

However, this is neither appropriate or kind. Because his face is hardly burned and well lets face it, its just not kind...I gave him a coin to flip to make his big decisions. He chucked it at me across the room. =) Oh, how I love our relationship.
So We also went to buy a vaccum ( a very fancy one I might hair remover and all. Wait, don't all vaccums pick up pet hair?...hummm) Well the point of my little story is that Dan wore his sunglasses into BB & B to get the vaccum. It made his burned cornea feel better. So then I started call him Ray Charles (I know, I am MEAN!!! Its all in love)

Again. This is neither appropriate or kind. First off my husband is not a black man with extremely white teeth that hugs himself. Secondly, although he has a burned cornea, he is not blind. And Third He CANNOT SING....that is self proclaimed by I am not being MEAN in saying this.
I guess the only true similarity is that they both wear sunglasses inside.
Did I mention we bought an awesome vaccum? It doesn't even have a bag. I know. I know. Impressive.