Friday, July 26, 2013


IT's FRIDAY NIGHT!!! I made it through this week! My toddler is in bed (not asleep, but in bed) and I want to (or did) do a fist pump in the air because I SURVIVED!!
Let me say this- When your first child comes into the world a week early- and then your next child doesn't- man that plays games with your head! And the days seem LONG. VERY LONG. And every night when I wake up to pee and I am not in labor I get grumpy.
Here are a few highlights of our week
-My toddler had a fever at one point and puked at one point
-My toddler stayed up most of the night one night (making a VERY tired mommy and toddler)
-We had two days where I wanted to cut my ears off due to the high pitched whining that flowed from her beautiful lips all day.
-We had two really fun days together- with very little whining and where we both got a nap!
-My husband got a stomach bug.

But that isn't what I wanted to write about tonight.

I guess I just wanted to say how thankful I am for our community. We are so blessed to have such an incredible community surrounding us. I often feel like I am failing at parenting my one child- and then another is about to be born- WHAT WERE WE THINKING? But truth be told- I feel like I am failing most often due to needing help. I think I was raised to be self-sufficient, and learning that it is okay to need and accept help has been a hard lesson for me. But luckily I got the perfect kid to teach me it is okay to need help.
And man are we thankful for the help we receive. I hope I tell our "people" that enough. Today our sweet friend rescued me from the exhaustion of being up most of the night, took my RIDICULOUSLY WHINEY two year old to her house-joyfully- and I got a nap, a shower and a couple errands. This woman has had EIGHT children. She has had EIGHT two year olds that I am sure had their whiney days- and yet she still joyfully took mine- and smiled as she drove away with a child screaming bloody murder in her car. Then she offered to take her next week if I need a break. YES YES I am a blessed mommy.
Our moms come to our rescue, providing much needed date nights, and spur of the moment babysitting as well as scheduled babysitting so I can get a nap after working all night.
We have friends that have watched Emmaus overnight so we can sleep, or get away. I have friends that call to check on my pregnant self- encouraging me that "this baby will come"- and reassuring me that yes having a toddler is hard, and yes having a newborn too will be hard, but we will find our stride.

I think as moms we feel alone in this stuff. We feel like it shouldn't be hard, and are ashamed that it is hard for us. But like everything else- the hard times bring about the most growth- both for us and our littles.
I am thankful for our village. And for the incredible growth that this journey of motherhood has taken me on.
It's hard- but it is so so rewarding.

Now.... SMALL CHILD IN MY UTERUS....GET OUT! (So we can start the journey of having two little people- BAH!)


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What I've been up to since baby is still in utero

I'm sitting here looking at my extremely wonky belly. I don't remember Emmaus moving like this! This kid likes to shift. Baby will lay all on one side, or all on the other. Or sometimes stretch legs across the top of my belly making it look VERY square.
I had Emmaus at exactly 39 weeks. So of course I figured I would have this baby early too. Well as each day past 39 weeks passes- I start to think maybe not.  Last friday I was convinced I was in early labor all day. And pretty much since then- NOTHING!
However- I feel really good. Yes I am semi-uncomfortable, have a touch of heartburn now and then, and get tired in the afternoons. But over-all for being due on monday I feel awesome! I am sleeping great at night, and we are trying to fill our days to pass the time.

Today Emmaus my mom and I ventured out to Deanna Rose Farmstead. It's a cute local (free) place that has some basic animals and lots of activities. Emmaus is still to little for most of the activities- but she LOVES the animals.
Emmaus and Grammy (Gma, Mimi, or whatever she will be called) looking at the cows. 

Today I learned that she knows almost all of her animal noises (or at least the animals we saw). I had no idea! She also plainly pointed to a bed of flowers and said "Flower" clear as day. Guess the daily Baby Einstein video's are paying off! I also heard her say blocks & diaper today. It is crazy the words coming out of her mouth these days!
She also yells a lot, and screams with excitement. We are trying to teach her to clap, or say HAPPY or EXCITED- so far excited glee-filled screams are still with us. 

Her strength is coming along. She is getting so brave with her standing, and squatting, and crusing the furniture. WE LOVE her orthotics- I call them her pink ankles! They make her so stable and she wants to wear them!

 Since baby still has not made his/her appearance I have had some extra days to craft & sew. When it comes to projects I am a details girl. I LOVE the little details. That is part of why I hate doing something for the first time- because inevitably I am learning and it never turns out as perfect in the details as I would like it to be.
Today I finished baby's quilt. It was my first time hand quilting a quilt and it was really fun. I mainly did it while watching TV in the evenings. It is nice to have my hands busy!
Today though- I did the binding.  The first time I made a blanket I bought bias tape for the edges- then I learned how to make it (thanks grandma!). Bias tape is SO easy to make once you do it a couple times, and it is quick to apply on smaller projects- but it is one of those details that adds so much! Once I finish a quilt I LOVE searching for the perfect fabric for the binding. It draws the blanket together and just adds a perfect finish- plus its WAY CHEAPER (and cuter) than what they sell in the store.

 Bias Tape for baby's blanket
Finished quilt. I feel like the room is ready! The quilt draped over the bed....only missing ONE thing!

Any day little one!


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It's not time yet

I spent all of last weekend being miserable about being pregnant. I want SO badly to meet this baby.
But yesterday something changed.
Has someone ever spoken words to you that just cover you with peace? Well completely unknowingly someone said "It's not time yet" and I just felt so much peace.

I would love to meet this baby sooner than later. But right now- this very moment, "It's not time yet" and I need to live in this moment.  Emmaus has been extra snuggly, and has just wanted to be with me. And While I feel a bit smothered by her sometimes, I am enjoying the extra snuggles while my hands are still free from the distraction of a new baby.

Truly I am feeling really well. I am sleeping well. And while I have some pregnancy related aches and pains- I remember from last time how quickly they fade after baby, so I know their time is limited.

So until this baby decides to come meet us. I will spend my time soaking in our family of three.

photo credit to Allison French at Life by the Frenchs


Monday, July 15, 2013

How is it July 15?

 I just realized I haven't written a SINGLE blog in July- and it is half way over.

So let me catch up a little.
The fourth of July was fun. Relaxing even! We accomplished a lot and yet, got to rest and play too.
Emmaus LOVED the fireworks- although was very tired and only wanted to be held by me. But she kept pointing and saying "lights, lights" A word I didn't even know she knew.

She is changing SO MUCH. She understands so many things- and is trying to communicate so much more! I hesitate to say this- but she's sleeping very well these days. And despite my massive amount of pregnant-ness, I really am too.

We have been spending our free mornings at the pool with friends. Which is so lovely. It's not too hot, she LOVES it and she usually naps for a WHOLE HOUR after lunch. (yes I understand to most moms of toddlers this is a terrible nap- but for us WOOO HOOO!!!!)

Emmaus got into Children's TLC, a school for kids with special needs. We are SO EXCITED. She will go to two days of morning pre-school a week.  I have no doubt this will be HUGE for her development.

Today we had Emmaus' two year Dr's appointment and she got a shot. After the shot and the crying calmed down. She said "that hurt" and signed hurt. Again a phrase and sign I use with her a lot (shes a bit rough with mommy often). I was so proud. I had no idea she even really understood pain/me saying "that hurts" and clearly she does.

Speaking of proud. I am now the proud owner of a mini-van! As I drove it home tonight I kinda cracked up thinking about it. Two years ago a friend of ours who just had her first baby got a van and I thought "Gosh I never want a van! I am an SUV woman" And today- here I am giddy about having a van. It's funny what two years of motherhood and just growing more comfortable in my own skin has done for me. I am much more practical and much less cool than I once was.

I am now 38 weeks pregnant....and hoping to meet this baby SOON. I am SO excited to meet this baby and discover if it is a boy or a girl. I am trying to enjoy the time as our family of three- but I am getting antsy.

I have three shifts of work left, and I am very glad that is all. If I am still pregnant next week- I am looking forward to a week of rest! (Don't get me wrong- I would prefer a week of newborn baby snuggles- and learning how the heck I am going to parent two very young children!)

We are ready for baby! And sorry no pics- I promise I will blog again soon- and have some pictures!