27 weeks and other happenings.

27 weeks
Well Hello Third Trimester! It's nice to meet you!
Again I am just going to mention how fast the time is going. If this girl comes ON her due date we have just less that 13 weeks until we will get to meet her...if she is late well lets not plan THAT far ahead. However in 10 weeks anytime really is fare game for her to join us! The birth center where I am planning to deliver opens June 17th. LETS KEEP HER IN TILL THEN! (If it isn't ready I will move to a nearby hospital, which is fine too, I just really would prefer the first

Okay a few things about this week-
-Baby girl can sense light from Dark now.
-She is over 2lbs and over 15 inches from head to toe.
-I now can see my stomach move. Its funny. My mom says she is doing jazzersize in there!
-She is kinda funny about moving though. If I want someone else to feel I think she can tell it isn't my hand on my tummy. She will stop moving if someone else tries to feel. She will eventually pick it up again, however its almost like she has to get used to you before she will continue moving.
-No new cravings or symptoms
-Sleep is getting tougher and I often wake up SUPER sore! Why??? Anyone know? I also get up at least once to pee. Oh the joys.
-That's all I've got about baby girl- Although I CANNOT WAIT! (but will) to meet her. So excited for her to join us.
Here are a few pictures from the week.
Here is my 27 week pictures. Snapped at 830 am before our group workout...so give my mug and squished tired looking eyes a break! Focus on the belly people!
Dan and I hung out with the Burys on Friday night. We Had a fun time of food playing games and learning how much information Emily really holds in her mind pertaining to FRIENDS. It is kinda crazy. (The girl has always had a freakishly good memory, but WOW! Can any of you tell me how many and what types of potatoes were served at the Friends first thanksgiving?...CAUSE SHE CAN!) Anyway- here is a super cute pic of day with Clara
(He is going to be the best dad...just saying)

I have been shopping for a new duvet cover for awhile now. YES, I know I could make one, and it would be WAY cheaper and look just as good. HOWEVER, I didn't want to. Sometimes its just worth it to buy. So I found this beauty at Pottery Barn (on sale). Dan doesn't hate it, but obviously it wouldn't be his first choice. (Too bad. He chose the last one so it's my turn!) LOVE IT.

Then Last but not least I watched the kids this weekend. Here was a cute pic from the car- She kept hollaring for him and holding out her hand which he would then obligingly hold. So sweet. We also made blueberry muffins for breakfast Sunday morning and when I went to get them out of the oven I found cherrios in the bottom of the oven mitt when I stuck my hand in. Which was in a drawer. Hilarious. I cannot wait to discover these little things in my own house. Kids are funny. The muffins were DELISH. Wish I had one RIGHT NOW.

That's all I've got for now.
Love, LA


  1. number 1: Yay! Third Trimester!
    number 2: you look soooo cute. that baby belly suits you.
    number 3: awwwwww to the pic of Dan holding Clara!
    number 4: you have no idea how many places i find cheerios these days. they fall off of Lila every time I get her out of her car seat regardless of whether or not she had been eating them recently. it's ridiculous.

  2. monica made 3 kinds of potatoes.
    1) potatoes with lumps...like Judy makes them
    2) whipped with peas and onions, like Phoebe's mom used to make them...you know...before she died.
    3) in the form of tots. for Joey.

    i think Emily and i would be good friends.

    LOVE the baby belly. you look awesome.
    and i agree with kels...YAY third trimester! you're rockin this pregnancy!


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