Sunday, December 26, 2010

Baby Talk

Well I truly am jumping back on the wagon and promise to post at LEAST once a week.

I’m preggo and thought I would copy several friends that have posted “baby blogs” It is more for me, but hopefully will help get me back into the blogging world.
How far along am I today? 13 weeks 1 day.
What is the favorite thing you ate today? I had left over spinach and artichoke dip for breakfast. It was delicious!
How’s the food stuff coming along? Cravings? Aversions? Not any real issues with food. Bar-b-que sounds gross and even the thought if makes me want to gag. But food has been super easy! No morning sickness so far and very little nausea.
Any new symptoms this past week? I have started having bad back pain. I think it is due to an old injury from working at a nurse-tech at KU. I have a cold =(.
What about the exercise routine? Well I have been working out with a trainer and loving it, and then doing some cardio on my own. However, the last 3 weeks I have worked out with the trainer I am miserable afterwards due to my back pain. I need to re-think keeping up with the trainer, or extremely decrease the workouts. I just hurt so bad in the following few days I don’t do any cardio because it hurts to move.
Sleep…is it good/bad/mediocre? Good, besides getting up to pee frequently.
How big is the baby, any major milestones for baby? Baby is the size of a peach, is forming fingerprints and can move his/her arms and legs!
How about the baby’s activity? I’m sure he/she is active, but I can’t feel the activity yet.
Did anything special (besides the baby growing!) happen to me this week? Yesterday was Christmas! We announced on FB we are expecting. Baby got a book and a HUGE teddy bear. It was nice to see all our family, but I had to work Christmas eve and only got 2 hours of sleep total yesterday- so I’m pretty sure that is why I have a cold now. Oh well it was worth it! Merry Christmas!

Here are my pregnancy pics so far

Dan and I with the positive test- the night we found out

Baseline picture- I think I may be 4-5 weeks here


Thursday, December 23, 2010

We Moved!
Dan and I decided to rent a cute little home in Roeland park. We love it so far. It has hardwoods-which are WAY easier than the white carpet our apartment had, a cute fireplace, and two bedrooms. Mira is finally adjusting and will now go in the back yard without much pushing and prodding. She now plays this cute little game where when we go to let her inside she runs back out into the yard and goes all crazy. She is still super skiddish in the house and often says in her kennel or lays in her bed. She has started getting better though and sometimes will come sit with dan and I on the couch. She’s crazy. What can I say…we do what we can with her neurotic dog personality. And just love her anyway!

Here is a recent pic of us with our crazy mutt!