Thoughts on my humanity & sono pictures

Some thoughts on my humanity-

-I have come to realize I am an extremely judgemental person. I feel like because I am open and honest and process verbally with people that it somehow excuses my judgementalness. I am going to work on judging less and loving more.
-I had a slight panic attack about having a baby. I just realized I really like MY free time and I don't really want to give that up to selflessly care for a child. (I also realize I don't really have a choice and I will get over it and in a hurry because baby girl is coming soon!) I just recognize I need to be less selfish with my time.
-I have the most amazing wonderful husband who loves me so perfectly. He is patient, kind, loving, and just takes care of me well. I hope I come close to loving him that well and I hope I can love our daughter that well. So many times lately when I tell someone something Dan has done for me/said to me I get the response "He is such a good man" It is so true. And I want to be that good of a woman for him.

I guess that is enough deep reflection for now. On to some baby pictures

I know these 3d sono pictures are kinda creepy, however they are of my daughter so I find them lovely, and wanted to share.
This is the first pic. I added some markers incase you can't tell what you are looking at. We didn't get any head on pics they are all mainly profile due to how she was facing.
I like this second one because you can see her little hand folded in front of her face and between her legs
This third one I like because you can see the little toes and her little foot at the top of the pic. How she gets her foot above her head I will never know!
This one if for all of you who said she will be BALD despite my heartburn. We don't know how much but know she has enough hair to tell on the sono!
That's all I've got for now.
Love, La


  1. now THAT is a good lookin baby.
    and i can TOTALLY tell that she has small ears!

  2. aww! she looks like you, I think. :)

  3. So fun! And I think it is completely normal to wonder if you can be selfless enough to be a good mom... but everything changes after she is born and you won't even have to try! I am positive it will just come naturally :) So try not to worry, you'll be an amazing loving mom!
    And I love the 3d sono pics... Colton was all cuddled in the placenta for ours too and so we didn't have any good shots through it but it was still fun!

  4. So adorable those pics! She looks just precious and so cuddly! Loved loved loved seeing you yesterday! You are even cuter in person! Praying for you and these last few weeks that your heart and mind will be prepared for the blessing that is to come! You so can do this girl an the days when you think you can't Dan will be there to lift you up.


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