The view from above and 29 weeks

It seriously has been the most wonderful weekend! Dan and I worked on the nursery yesterday and I finally feel like it is coming together! I am excited to do a nursery reveal post....but you will all have to wait! Then last night we hung out with our good friend the Burys and their little baby girl Clara. Which- was Mira's first experience with a baby. She did so well! Mira was concerned when Clara cried, and interested, but gave her space an wasn't really scared at all. PRAISE THE LORD! Mira was kinda a worry in our new house guest (aka baby girl).
Today we just relaxed. Went on a walk. Went to the roasterie for coffee and read on the porch. We then came home and relaxed some more, did some window shopping & registering out south and then finished the night off at church & I even got to sit between two of my favorite people. Like I said it was a great weekend!
On to some baby Stuff. Here we are at 29 weeks!
I am feeling good! Sometimes sore, sometimes tired, but those are my biggest complaints.
I think I hit a growth spurt this week. I have been HUNGRY! And the number on the scale is less pretty than last week! (guess that was bound to happen)
Baby girl is moving a lot. I've had less heartburn this week- which is WONDERFUL! However, I have heard my stomach rumbling a ton, its kinda weird. I haven't heard my stomach rumble in months...and suddenly it is the sound track of my abdomen. Sleep has been better the last few days, but still isn't wonderful.
Baby girl is around 3lbs. And that is all we really learned from the book we are reading the week. It is crazy to think she COULD live in the outside world (with LOTS of support). It is also crazy to think only 11 weeks until her due date!
So here are two pics. One is what I see when I look down. Yep it is bare belly, which you won't see many of from me. Don't be main concern is WHERE HAVE MY FEET GONE??? (don't judge the whiteness its been winter!)

And then here is my 29 week pic.

That's all I've got for now.
Love, La
P.S. I think I have 2 chins now. I barely move my face and the other one drops down. (Again I argue I am genetically predisposed to this double chin, but still I fear it is here for the next 11 weeks at least!) Today I actually thanked Dan for loving me and both of my Chins. He's such a good hubby!


  1. oh my gosh. you're freaking beautiful. seriously. week 29 picture=best one yet!
    And for the record...i saw you one day ago, and only saw ONE chin. and it was a beautiful ONE chin.
    i love you! can't wait to see the nursery and BABY GIRL so SOON!


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