Sunday, October 13, 2013

The drunk and the rolly poly.

I fall more in love with Shiloh every day. I am beginning to think she is an old soul. She just kinda goes with the flow. She has opinions, but mostly she just is at peace with the world around her. I hope she remains a peaceful person. The world needs more peace keepers.  We call her the grandma baby. Her hair has some major body to it- so she kinda looks like she has a grandma hairdo. And the faces she makes are just kinda grandma-ish. And her toothless smile- very grandma.  It is pretty awesome.
She turned two months on the 7th and then a few days later rolled over. From back to belly and then she returned to her back when she felt "tummy time" was done. I am a little overwhelmed and undone with this quick development. (She has been given the nickname rolly poly)
1. I find it rude she would dare grow up so quickly
2. Can we just do average? None of this crazy early or crazy late development
3. I am super proud of her.
4. I am kinda sad- because I just know how hard her big sister had to work to roll. I mean the child was 9 months and probably 100 therapy hours in before she finally rolled. And it just seems unfair how vastly their lives and development will differ.
But I still am very excited and proud of her.

Two months. Dang. It is going too fast. (Her cuteness kills me!)

And then there is Emmaus.
Getting braver every day. Discovering she can not only walk-but walk quickly. We joke she walks like she has had a few too many adult beverages. And we are so proud of her cute-drunken looking walk.  She is changing so much. Doing new things every day.
I have started this routine of every evening sitting her on my lap, holding her tight and telling her what I am proud of from the day. Positive affirmation I suppose-
"I am so proud you ate your lunch" "I am so proud how well you loved Shiloh today" "I am proud you have such empathy for those around you" ect- I think I started this because somedays between the whining, the shuffle to and from school, it is easy to get lost in the craziness of the day.
Emmaus loves this new routine- she knows I am praising her and I see her think about what I am saying.
And last but not least- I am working way too much. And I am pressing in to the dreams God has put in my heart. Pressing into the financial provision I know we need- And trusting that the Lord has gone before me and is already doing work there.


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Growing up.

I stopped in my tracks tonight as I walked into the kitchen. My "Big Little's" fleece pull over was strung across the chair. Man it hit me hard. She is getting so big. Yesterday, she clearly (with cries and squeals when presented with the options) communicated she wanted to go with her dad, and not stay home with her sister and I.
She is getting bigger every day, braver. This morning she walked from our bed, out of our room, and started down the hall before she decided crawling would be easier.
And she's not the only one changing fast around here. My little little is like a new baby every morning.
She has opinions, she gets bored (again this is new, miss Emmaus was quite a bit older like 18months before she had much of an opinion about anything!) and she is so interactive with us.
I am obsessed with the friendship forming between the two of them. Emmaus' love for her sister is pretty incredible. From Day one she has been so sweet and loving with her- and every day it blossoms more.
Dan sent me these pictures while I was at work today.
Wherever Shiloh is, Emmaus is not far away.  She loves to be near her sister. 
Lastly just so I never forget-
Tonight when I put Emmaus to bed (which is rare occasion)- After we said prayers- I tucked a blanket around her and she smiled sweetly, and just laid there. This NEVER has happened when I put her to bed. And it was such a "You are so big" moment for me. That she would understand it is bed time, that its okay not to fight it and just lay there and go to sleep.

I'm so proud of you sweet girl.