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Tomorrow (Sunday) is Our big "Spring Cleaning Day"!!! Now I am fully aware of the fact that it IS NOT SPRING...and usually people aren't so excited to clean...However, We renewed our lease and since we have been living there a year now, it is time to spend a day DEEP CLEANING and ORGANIZING to make our tiny living space...livable.
So in lieu of updating you all on my dramatic overly stressed life (sorry becky, you already got the rundown tonight but thanks for listening, and understanding) I am going to talk about a neutral subject that is pretty common. MUSIC- People often ask the question "What kind of music do you like". I always thought that was an odd question. I don't know exactly what I like, and most of it isn't popular or a genre I can even explain. So here it is...
Relent K is my ALL TIME FAVORITE BAND!! They have the best music that I consider lyrically strong and very witty. Their albums have titles such as mmmmhhhmmm...., Four score and seven years ago, Anatomy of the tongue and cheek, ect ect. Their songs relate to the average persons life and they have a good beat. I looked it up and it is punk/pop as far as genre.
songs include "Which to bury us or the hatchet" "who I am hates who I've been" "High of 75" (which is about the weather) Good music and great lyrics. Check them out!
I also LOVE worship music and listen to that most frequently. Check out Hillsong United and Jon Shirley (itunes). Jon shirley happens to be the worship leader at our church, however his album "Heaven Hear Us" is very good.


  1. I LOVE Relient K!!! I was going to ask if your Facebook status was Relient K lyrics. I thought so. :-)

    Anytime you need to vent/talk/whatever, I'm always available! It's amazing, sometimes, how much we have in common. :-)

  2. My sister introduced me to Relient K and I dig them too, especially "Sadie Hawkins Dance" my khaki pants...there's nothing better!


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