Exciting Matters at hand

First off I would like to inform everyone that HANSON...yes the Hanson brothers (mmmbop...predicesors to the Joe Bro's....The guys that had long hair and looked like girls...) YES THOSE HANSON BROTHERS were in concert last night. Where was I you might ask? At work...Huge let down. But they are back everyone! And my sixth-grade self is unashamed that I still love them.

Here is a pic from way back when (Oh how my 12year old heart throbbed for them.)

And of course a current representation (Less throbbing these days)

But still it is a shame I couldn't go to see them...They were at the Beaumont club too...I love seeing shows there.

Next item on the agenda....this update is thanks to my very reliable news informant, co-worker and friend (MS. BECKY JONES)
Although the books are over and the movies are coming to an End...we will now have the WORLD OF HARRY POTTER coming to the Universal Studios Island's Adventure near (or no-where near) you!
So for a round trip ticket (300ish bucks)
Park admission tickets (probably 75 bucks)
and spending money.....You can experience Harry's world first hand!!!
I have already started planning our trip. (Poor Dan...He hate Harry Potsmoker...or that is what he calls him)
This month we are skipping the retirement savings account to save up for HARRY POTTER over spring break!!!
Coming Spring 2010...Check out the link and sneak peek video.


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