Laws of LA

So here is the deal. I am a very strongly opinionated person...and that may be an understatement. So I have decided once a week to write a segment(what, do I think people actually read this? I sound like I am on a talk show here) about things I think should be laws...or at least standards and if nothing else ADVICE EVERYONE SHOULD TAKE!! I am calling this "segment" Laws of LA (not like L.A. the city but the sound LA like as in la la la la la that you would sing as a vocal warm up. My name is Laurisa Anne and my friends often call me LA...) So Laws of LA it is.

(obviously I chose this picture to represent laws of la because anyone with their own bobble head is of great importance and their advice should be seriously considered)

1. A five point turn to get into a parking space (even if you are in an SUV and trying to fit into a tiny spot) is NEVER necessary. If you are not capable of getting into the spot in two tries give up.

-if you an in a parking garage and there is a line of cars behind you and you try to pull this little stunt you should have to go to adult time out.

-if you are one of those people that is facing the reality that you can never enter a parking space on two tries or less here are some suggestions for where to park your car and other options for you

-park in a field

-park in a completely abandoned lot

-park on the street (however under NO CIRCUMSTANCE try to parallel park)


-take the bus

-ride your bike

-roller blade

Most parks/paths/apartment complexes state that if your dog poops you must pick it up.

LAWS of LA states:

2. If your dog poops in an open area PICK IT UP!! If your dog poops in a place it can't be seen/easily stepped on you are not required to pick it up (as it is biodegradable...however the plastic bags we use to pick it up are not...funny how beauty of the land comes before good of the earth)

Here is a list of places where you are exempt from picking up the poo

- In tall grass (grass must be at least calf length and intended to be tall grass, your lawn that needs to be mowed doesn't count as "tall grass")

-I personally am glad tall grass is exempt because my very modest pooch likes to "do the dew" in tall grass

-In the bushes

-At the dog park

-In a wooded area

-And of course on your own private property

One more addendum to this rule- Although this is rather gross...If the dog is having loose/diarrhea stools they are exempt from having to be picked up.

That's all for now!



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