Things i'm loving

So it is Friday (Which obviously means I missed Laws of LA thursday...don't worry there will be more thursdays to come) And it also means I should be doing MY HUSBAND ROCKS...which I will later today. However, for now I want to share a few things that I am LOVING.

GLEE!!!! So I have caught the Glee fever. I loved high school. I find myself getting caught up in the drama of it all. Not to mention that musicals make my heart go pitter-patter. So when when they add in very fun, songs it is pretty much a complete package as far as Sit-coms go. (my bestie admitted her treason today buy saying glee was as highly ranked as the office in her world...don't worry EM its that high in my world too, but we won't tell anyone.)I know my husband gets annoyed at my constant singing/re-performing of the numbers after I have watched an episode.
"Just keep holding on, we're gonna make it through, make it through." (just imagine not so wonderful singing and ridiculous choreography added)

My north face Denali...I know these jackets are overpriced and my best friend things they are even kinda ugly...however I LOVE MY North face!! Since Kansas hasn't heard of fall and we have gone from 75degrees to 45 degrees in a matter of days...the north face has leaped out of
hibernation and is now getting plenty of use again. Easy to wash, Warm while being light weight, its just BLISS~

I am also LOVING cardigans. I have a green one that I am particularly fond of at this point. I do not own this specific cardigan, however it is a good representation of what I am loving this fall. Pair it with a tshirt, a tanktop, jeans, a dress, leggings. It is a very versatile piece.
Not only a wonderful masterpiece of a movie (okay maybe that is an exaggeration, but it's my favorite movie!!) And let's face it, can it get much better than meg ryan and tom hanks? But, it is just a fall staple in my world (I own two copies, JUST IN CASE I misplace, loose, break, scratch, It is witty, has a wonderful soundtract, is a love story, brings back memories because of the AOL log in sound and dialup-sound...(NO MATTER THE MEMORIES the sound of DIALUP BRINGS....THE MAN THAT CREATED HIGH SPEED INTERNET IS MY HERO) It is a fall classic...because after all doesn't everyone love the smell of scotch tape? And desire to receive a bouquet of sharpened pencils?
CHECK IT OUT! I know you'll love it.
love LA


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