It is a very interesting thing to me how quickly I am able to regress to my former self.
And by former self...I am not talking about the above example. (Although you've got to LOVE the puff sleeves!!!)

If I lose my focus, if I let my guard down or if something unexpected comes my way I crumble. I am Gods child. Yet I let myself be defined by this world. I have had a terrible time lately in letting my confidence come from my external appearance...which isn't necessarily what I would like it to be. I let the lies from my past come flooding into my present. Lies that say I am not good enough, pretty enough, thin enough, ect, ect...

I have an amazing Husband. He tells me I am beautiful everyday. And I have an amazing God who's word tells me who I truly I am. Yet I have to CHOOSE to live in these truths. Instead of changing my clothes 100 times because I am not confident in how I look. I have to choose to believe my beauty is not only because of my looks but because of WHO I AM.
I am the daughter of a the Most High God...and the wife to a truly good man.
I refuse to be defined by 10 pounds or an ideal weight or how my clothes look on me, or how my friends are all very skinny people.

So How's That for Honesty?
I love this Picture. I felt beautiful in it. This is the me I am storing in my head. So this week I am doing a little home improvement project. Dan and I talked about how I feel last night and he encouraged me to not use our mirror this week. Of course I will use the bathroom mirror to get ready, but the full length mirror is off limits. I will believe I am beautiful because beauty doesn't come from how I look in my clothes. He is going to give me extra encouragement, and I am going to focus on the promises in Gods Word and who God says I am. Dan is such a good man...did I mention that?


  1. Hey, It isnt only the puffed sleeves you also have a super cute brother at your side. :)


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