I have two sweet surprises to tell about tonight! First a little back story, that applies to both things actually. If you have been reading this blog or caught me in a moment of stress (there have been two months full of moments now) you probably already know this stuff. Dan and I have been having a rough couple of months. Firstly, we have been encountering all sorts of health problems that have made our budget quite tight. So I have been working extra shifts and dan has been working to catch up in school and then working his job at Starbucks. So we have been seeing each other very little. So I may of (or absolutely did) had a little break down before work saturday night. And my very sweet husband instead of getting defensive or hurt just listened and told me everything would be okay. So my first sweet surprise came when I got home from work this morning. Waiting for me on my bed (Dan sleeps on the couch when I work...don't ask me why!) was a scattering of "flower petals" that were actually notes of encouragement.

Now, I am fully aware that these notes do not look remotely like flower petals. (Infact, I think they truly resemble dinosaur foot prints...) But to me they are more beautiful and more lovely than any flowers I have ever seen! (And be warned the comment about me being a great mother is a purely futuristic reference and not due to anything growing in my uterus!)

The Second Surprise came when we were out tonight. We went to look for a shelf to put in our laundry room. So then I wasn't ready to go home so we stopped at Wal-mart just cause it was right next to home depot. We decided to get groceries while we were there! Did you all know that buying groceries at Wal-mart is MUCH cheaper than the normal grocery store?!?! I have been seeing commercials advertising that they are cheaper but HOLY GOSH IT IS TRUE!!! We spent 50$ on groceries...much less than normal (probably about 30$) and hold on to your seats- WE BOUGHT A LOT OF NAME BRAND STUFF!!! even splurged on a few "smart ones" (my fav meal for lunch at work) and EL Fudge cookies!! I mean we are taking MAJOR SAVINGS HERE!!! Before all the health issues came about we always shopped at ALDI...a very cost effective store. However, their food generally is high in sodium. So today I felt hope again that our grocery budget could go back down. From now on I will drive the extra 1 1/2 miles to Walmart to save probably close to 80 bucks a month! I know this seems like a small deal, but the budget is tight so all savings help! So Sorry if my SHAMELESS Wal-mart plug offends your small town values or dislike of huge corporations, however I am very impressed and will now advertise because I am impressed.
So here is to sweet surprise sunday! And of course I have to add, which is a bit repetitive from the above story and pictures but...MY HUSBAND ROCKS! I am so lucky to have him.


  1. I love the petals!! That was so sweet of Dan. :-) You picked a good one!


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