Big Bully & Vaccum!

Today as I was trying to nap I could hear the shuffling of the leaves outside. Fall has a specific sound. It is the sound of rapidly drying leaves rubbing together as the wind blows through the trees. And the sound of leave that have fallens being scooted along by the wind on the concrete. I love the sound of fall.
On another note. I have taken to calling my husband two-face...cause of his burned right side of his face.

However, this is neither appropriate or kind. Because his face is hardly burned and well lets face it, its just not kind...I gave him a coin to flip to make his big decisions. He chucked it at me across the room. =) Oh, how I love our relationship.
So We also went to buy a vaccum ( a very fancy one I might hair remover and all. Wait, don't all vaccums pick up pet hair?...hummm) Well the point of my little story is that Dan wore his sunglasses into BB & B to get the vaccum. It made his burned cornea feel better. So then I started call him Ray Charles (I know, I am MEAN!!! Its all in love)

Again. This is neither appropriate or kind. First off my husband is not a black man with extremely white teeth that hugs himself. Secondly, although he has a burned cornea, he is not blind. And Third He CANNOT SING....that is self proclaimed by I am not being MEAN in saying this.
I guess the only true similarity is that they both wear sunglasses inside.
Did I mention we bought an awesome vaccum? It doesn't even have a bag. I know. I know. Impressive.


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