So I am introducing another segment...(I know, I know this isn't a talk show) This idea is credited to another blogger( but every friday she devotes her post to her husband and why he rocks.
My husband is the funniest person I know. He can make me laugh harder than anyone. I think laughter is very important...because if you can't laugh at yourself and in situations it makes things much harder.

We couldn't stop laughing during our wedding ceremony
My husband is so encouraging....for example. He wrote this on my fb wall tonight (I work nights)hey! just so you know, you are as beautiful as the day i met you! LOVE!
My husband is adventurous, and if it is not his idea of a great adventure he goes along with my ideas of adventure too...when we first started dating we called our date nights "adventure nights

Us in Rocky Mountain National Park at the Alpine visitor center...we took a trek up to 12005ft...(dan was not a fan of this idea but he was up for it because I wanted to go so muchMy husband loves God and always encourages my relationship with God. He has strength though God and I never have to carry a burden alone. He is always next to me taking the weight off.

people laying hands on us and praying over our marriage during our ceremony

My husband does the laundry, cleans the apt, does the dishes, often packs my lunch for me, goes to school, works part time, and then he thanks ME for working hard to provide for us. He is the hard worker. And I am so thankful for him

So its obvious...MY HUSBAND ROCKS!


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