IT's FRIDAY NIGHT!!! I made it through this week! My toddler is in bed (not asleep, but in bed) and I want to (or did) do a fist pump in the air because I SURVIVED!!
Let me say this- When your first child comes into the world a week early- and then your next child doesn't- man that plays games with your head! And the days seem LONG. VERY LONG. And every night when I wake up to pee and I am not in labor I get grumpy.
Here are a few highlights of our week
-My toddler had a fever at one point and puked at one point
-My toddler stayed up most of the night one night (making a VERY tired mommy and toddler)
-We had two days where I wanted to cut my ears off due to the high pitched whining that flowed from her beautiful lips all day.
-We had two really fun days together- with very little whining and where we both got a nap!
-My husband got a stomach bug.

But that isn't what I wanted to write about tonight.

I guess I just wanted to say how thankful I am for our community. We are so blessed to have such an incredible community surrounding us. I often feel like I am failing at parenting my one child- and then another is about to be born- WHAT WERE WE THINKING? But truth be told- I feel like I am failing most often due to needing help. I think I was raised to be self-sufficient, and learning that it is okay to need and accept help has been a hard lesson for me. But luckily I got the perfect kid to teach me it is okay to need help.
And man are we thankful for the help we receive. I hope I tell our "people" that enough. Today our sweet friend rescued me from the exhaustion of being up most of the night, took my RIDICULOUSLY WHINEY two year old to her house-joyfully- and I got a nap, a shower and a couple errands. This woman has had EIGHT children. She has had EIGHT two year olds that I am sure had their whiney days- and yet she still joyfully took mine- and smiled as she drove away with a child screaming bloody murder in her car. Then she offered to take her next week if I need a break. YES YES I am a blessed mommy.
Our moms come to our rescue, providing much needed date nights, and spur of the moment babysitting as well as scheduled babysitting so I can get a nap after working all night.
We have friends that have watched Emmaus overnight so we can sleep, or get away. I have friends that call to check on my pregnant self- encouraging me that "this baby will come"- and reassuring me that yes having a toddler is hard, and yes having a newborn too will be hard, but we will find our stride.

I think as moms we feel alone in this stuff. We feel like it shouldn't be hard, and are ashamed that it is hard for us. But like everything else- the hard times bring about the most growth- both for us and our littles.
I am thankful for our village. And for the incredible growth that this journey of motherhood has taken me on.
It's hard- but it is so so rewarding.

Now.... SMALL CHILD IN MY UTERUS....GET OUT! (So we can start the journey of having two little people- BAH!)



  1. So excited to hear all about when this child arrives!!!! Until then praying..... Nancy


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