How is it July 15?

 I just realized I haven't written a SINGLE blog in July- and it is half way over.

So let me catch up a little.
The fourth of July was fun. Relaxing even! We accomplished a lot and yet, got to rest and play too.
Emmaus LOVED the fireworks- although was very tired and only wanted to be held by me. But she kept pointing and saying "lights, lights" A word I didn't even know she knew.

She is changing SO MUCH. She understands so many things- and is trying to communicate so much more! I hesitate to say this- but she's sleeping very well these days. And despite my massive amount of pregnant-ness, I really am too.

We have been spending our free mornings at the pool with friends. Which is so lovely. It's not too hot, she LOVES it and she usually naps for a WHOLE HOUR after lunch. (yes I understand to most moms of toddlers this is a terrible nap- but for us WOOO HOOO!!!!)

Emmaus got into Children's TLC, a school for kids with special needs. We are SO EXCITED. She will go to two days of morning pre-school a week.  I have no doubt this will be HUGE for her development.

Today we had Emmaus' two year Dr's appointment and she got a shot. After the shot and the crying calmed down. She said "that hurt" and signed hurt. Again a phrase and sign I use with her a lot (shes a bit rough with mommy often). I was so proud. I had no idea she even really understood pain/me saying "that hurts" and clearly she does.

Speaking of proud. I am now the proud owner of a mini-van! As I drove it home tonight I kinda cracked up thinking about it. Two years ago a friend of ours who just had her first baby got a van and I thought "Gosh I never want a van! I am an SUV woman" And today- here I am giddy about having a van. It's funny what two years of motherhood and just growing more comfortable in my own skin has done for me. I am much more practical and much less cool than I once was.

I am now 38 weeks pregnant....and hoping to meet this baby SOON. I am SO excited to meet this baby and discover if it is a boy or a girl. I am trying to enjoy the time as our family of three- but I am getting antsy.

I have three shifts of work left, and I am very glad that is all. If I am still pregnant next week- I am looking forward to a week of rest! (Don't get me wrong- I would prefer a week of newborn baby snuggles- and learning how the heck I am going to parent two very young children!)

We are ready for baby! And sorry no pics- I promise I will blog again soon- and have some pictures!



  1. Girl, you rock the mini-van, I'm sure of it! Following Emmaus' life, and your family's journey is always encouraging, fun and fun :)

    Excited to hear if Emmaus has a new baby brother or sister. Hoping and praying for an "easy," quick, and healthy delivery.


    ps - This is a very "cliché KCC" thing to do, but I may never forget the rides to volleyball games my freshman year with you. You and the other junior girls were full of questions for Coach Brensing. I learned a lot ;)

  2. Do you know what shot Emmaus got? Everyone that has a 2 year old that I've talked to have said their kiddos got a shot and so at our 2 year appointment today I was expecting one, but they said no more shots till kindergarten. (longest run on sentence ever?) Just curious what we're missing.

    I'm so happy for all of the Little Misses accomplishments and hope this baby comes soon for you. I can't wait to hear if Emmaus has a little brother or sister.


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