It's not time yet

I spent all of last weekend being miserable about being pregnant. I want SO badly to meet this baby.
But yesterday something changed.
Has someone ever spoken words to you that just cover you with peace? Well completely unknowingly someone said "It's not time yet" and I just felt so much peace.

I would love to meet this baby sooner than later. But right now- this very moment, "It's not time yet" and I need to live in this moment.  Emmaus has been extra snuggly, and has just wanted to be with me. And While I feel a bit smothered by her sometimes, I am enjoying the extra snuggles while my hands are still free from the distraction of a new baby.

Truly I am feeling really well. I am sleeping well. And while I have some pregnancy related aches and pains- I remember from last time how quickly they fade after baby, so I know their time is limited.

So until this baby decides to come meet us. I will spend my time soaking in our family of three.

photo credit to Allison French at Life by the Frenchs



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