Easter Pictures

Well since I posted yesterday about my thoughts spiritually about Easter- I thought today I would share some fun photos from the day. 
This was the first year Emmaus was interested in the Easter festivities. 
However- we parent failed and didn't get her an easter basket, or dye eggs. It was a busy week and weekend and so some things just fell away- however, my sweet cousins did plan a little easter egg hunt at my Grandmas so she got in on some Egg hunting.

 She wasn't quite sure about the eggs- or what to do with them...

So the older and wiser showed her the right way to dump an egg... 
 She followed suit for multiple eggs- kid was in heaven! 

There was a lot of cousin love happening. My cousin Addy was VERY excited to see Emmaus- and she predicts there is a boy or girl, in my belly. (She's right!)

These two... they are my life.
My love.  

And these thighs... Moving everywhere- going going going. Only stopping to sleep (or eat)
 All night she tried to get food to come out of her blocks, or any toy that was remotely bright or similar to an egg. 

Also- Emmaus stood from kneeling for the first time yesterday. She was after the computer that Dan was using and she just stood up! My dad joked "She has Risen". We are so proud of our girl. This is a milestone we have been working on a lot- we still have work to do to make it consistent and steady, but man that first time is so precious. Well done sweet girl.



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