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I fear I have become a special occasion blogger. bah. I need to write more. I guess our life is just pretty routine and boring right now. And let me say- It's really nice! 
We have had years of chaos, and change, and stress it feels like- and so its nice to be having more of a routine, less medical emergencies and stress...I mean I am totally jinxing myself by saying this- but we haven't even been to the ER since right after her surgery! That is some kinda of record around here. 

I am ever reminded that TS is still present in our lives, sometimes I wonder if Emmaus is having seizures, I watch things very closely often- inspecting her stares and blinks- but for now we are enjoying the time of rest and routine. 
And when I say rest and routine- I really mean a flourishing toddler who is in to everything. Who is learning to stand and apparently climb? (I mean the kid has trouble standing strong on two feet, yet once she gets up she things- sure I will try to climb on the couch?! ummm what?)

She is also learning that she dislikes when we won't let her do something, or when we tell her No. Today I told the dog no, and Emmaus thought I was talking to her and she busted out THE LIP. She does not like when we put limits on her. And she generally either frantically waves her arms to show her protest- or she pouts. The pouting is undeniably cute. And its hard to keep a straight face. Cause man- this girl has some big lips- and she pouts them so well. 

Life is good. I definitely cannot complain. I am thankful for this time of calm and routine before we add baby to our family. And I am so thankful for this little girl who is just changing and developing so much. We are so proud of her. 


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