You're gonna miss these days

Today was a day. A LONG LONG day. It started at 2:30am when Emmaus woke up and decided she would cry till 6, sleep from 6-7 and be up for the day. And when I say "up for the day"- I mean she didn't take a nap all day long- despite forced nap attempts by yours truly. I lost that battle- I fought, but lost.
Did I say the day seemed long yet?
I was discouraged- I cried on the way to and the way home from an errand this morning.
I felt silly for thinking we could handle #2 already.
I felt exhausted by the lack of sleep that had occurred last night.
I felt discouraged by Dan and I's conversation and interactions with each other last night.

Today was a day that the weight of the "amount of life" that has happened in the last four years seemed extremely overwhelming. Impossible even. Sometimes I feel like I am walking up a mountain and I can look back and think "WOW I have come so far!" Today- I felt that I was walking up the mountain- and I stopped to survey my progress between two clouds- one covering the top so I can't see the goal- and the other below, blocking the view of my progress.
Stuck in the in between-

This is my kid- squealing with joy at the success of being a tyrant all day. She looks like a little imp in this pic- it cracks me up (and makes me feel exhausted).

This is where the post gets sappy. My bestie sent me a link to this video-
I may have cried watching it- call it what you want- pregnancy, exhaustion, country music, or maybe the fact that while I was watching it my kid got stuck STANDING at the fridge. She gets up- but still struggles sitting back down. And all of the sudden I realized that life is happening even in the bad days- time is passing, she is growing-changing.
There are 2 months before she turns two
I have 3 months to enjoy my MOSTLY sweet little one, before I have to split my time between her and her little brother or sister.
I have a little over 1 year before she will start pre-school.

She fell asleep on the way to get our dinner (Taco Tuesday!) And as I looked back at her finally asleep she just looked so big-she is so big.
Good days, bad days, time passes- and I know WILL miss these days.
(But not the sleep- I will never miss the sleep I used to get!)



  1. you're so good at your life.
    so freaking good at it.
    and you're pretty.
    and have a nice belly.

  2. I've awarded you the Liebster Award! Check it out:


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