Let the parenting begin & a give away

My sweet angel child has turned into a toddler.
 Her developmental delays, while still present- seem to be less obvious these days. Her seizure hazed self has disappeared and massive development and new found personality are in full bloom around here. 

She is into EVERYTHING.
She has an opinion about most things.
And we are finding our selves using language like "be gentle" "nice touches" "no-no Emmaus! Danger!" 

This little girl is in love with her Dada. (They are basically twins)

Today we got out to enjoy this beautiful weather with our dear friends.

Oh the childhood joy of believing weeds are flowers. 
(I also learned today that dandelions are edible-good things because Emmaus snacked on a couple before I realized what was happening)
I guarantee this sweet moment of sharing flowers was the only sharing moment that happened between these two today.  
(Another parenting task to tackle)

So- I have several projects I want to try- "crafts" if you will. So I thought every couple of weeks through the spring and summer (before I have baby) it would be fun to do some give aways!!
(We will see how this first one goes before I promise one every couple of weeks)

Today I am giving away my current obsession. A Ruffle Mama Band.
It isn't exclusively for Mama's- but it allows me to put my hair up and look semi-put together while running around town- instead of looking like the hot mess I often am. 

          UMMM LOVE

So here is how it works.
1. You must follow my blog to enter.
2. Leave a comment
3. For extra entries share this giveaway on your social media network/networks of choice and leave a comment/comments saying you shared & where.

The Headband will not necessarily be this color- but will likely be striped- cause I am a bit obsessed with stripes this spring. 
I will announce the winner next monday & get your headband shipped to you!



  1. Great blog as usual :) I love the giveaway idea and the pics of Em are amazing as usual!!

  2. I need this! I'm constantly a hot mess :)

  3. Dibs on the headband. I need to get into fashion more. :)

  4. Love the hair! She and Aiden could be twins with the wild hair! Cool giveaway!

  5. Oh, I love this headband, Laurisa! And I love reading your blog posts! I shared your giveaway on facebook and pintrest :-)

  6. I love seeing pictures of Emmaus and hearing about her progress! I am always encouraged by your story of hope! You are a good mama :)
    And you make cute headbands :) keep up the good blogging!

  7. The headband is too cute! I need to learn to sew! That is my next crafting goal to tackle!! Love reading your blog and seeing pictures of Emmaus!!

  8. For all of those who are in love with your headbands and don't win, can I be a little selfish and beg that you post a simple tutorial when you announce the winner?!?!? Pretty please with sugar on top? :-)

  9. She was so much fun today! Oh...and if I win the headband I am giving it to C. Fletcher!

  10. Love the headband! I want one! Also, I have totally googled "dandelions poisonous" before and sighed in relief that they're edible! :)

  11. Omg love the headband!! You are really cool! I want to be like you when I grow up!

  12. LOVE THIS! And Lord knows I'm a busy momma needin' some stylin'.

  13. Beautiful work La, you are so talented! My vote is for C. Fletcher.....:)

  14. Oh man, that would be great for this new mama! Hot mess is a pretty common look for me lately :)

  15. Yay! i can still enter! I hope i win because these are a-stinkin-dorable and my hair is so not that.

  16. LOVEEEEE the headbands!!! Good work Laurisa :)

  17. Love your blog. Would love to win a headband!


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