Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Holiday Traditions

Sunday night Dan and I put up our christmas tree. I work the thanksgiving holiday so I decided we should do it a bit early just so I don't feel sad about missing thanksgiving. We enjoyed putting out our tiny collection of decorations and putting up or charlie brown tree. We truly should add something to the tradition...any ideas? Like a fun dinner...fondu decorating fun night maybe? Or chinese take out and christmas decorating night.... I will have to give this some thought.
One of our other traditions is the weekend after thanksgiving we have Steaksgiving. Its pretty much the same as thanksgiving except we eat leftovers from thanksgiving and then steak instead of turkey... This year will be our second annual steaksgiving. I am thankful for steaksgiving this year since I have to miss out on thanksgiving. (I would also like to add we are still thankful on steaksgiving....probably more thankful actually cause we are having steak instead of bird...just saying)
My FAVORITE holiday tradition(and I think my moms least favorite) is our Christmas Eve open house. It is a time where my parents make their house all clean and shiny...whip out the christmas music...the house is all decorated beautifully...our stockings are hung by the chimney...(you get the picture) And then we invite over 75 (turn out is around 35) of our closest friends/family and people we have just met to come over and celebrate on christmas eve with us. We have a ton of food. My mom makes steak soup (we obviously have a think for steak in our house...although I think you acutally use ground beef in steak soup) there are tons of snacks...homemade rolls (my dad should have been a bread kidding here!) So everyone just comes by and enjoys meeting people and celebrating the holiday together. My mom wanted to cancel it this year cause of the economy and it would be a stress financially to do the food. My vote is to make it potluck....People get that we are in a recession.I am sure they would be happy to bring something. Christmas eve is my FAVORITE holiday tradition. I love seeing people I haven't seen for a year and just enjoying the magic of christmas time. That is the only time of year that I still get that feeling I did when I was a little kid. And the best part...this year I get to go home and spend my first christmas with my husband. =)


Monday, November 16, 2009

Playing House

Dan and I spend this week watching my two favorite kiddos while their parents took a much needed vacation. We got to do all types of fun activities and I built some muscles carrying around a baby and sometimes a 3 year old.
Fletcher And me cheesing it up.
The the last morning we watched them was Fletchers birthday. His parents had an early flight so didn't miss much. But here is a cute morning birthday picture and then him trying to hold up three fingers to tell us how old he is. Its hard to hold up just three fingers for kids.
We made a robot head out of his build-a-bear box. He kept saying he was a we made him one.
Early morning pic. Hard to get a good one of the three of us, especially with the active 3 year old

This is Morley. She is the most lovely baby I have ever met.(I know lovely is an old word...however is just FITS with her. She is Lovely!) She rarely cries and brightens everyones day with her smile. People oohhh'd and ahhh'd over her when we went out cause she is just so SMILEY!! I was thinking it would stink to get up in the night to feed her, but it was enjoyable because how can you not be happy when a baby is so happy to see you! Even in the middle of the night.
It was a wonderful week and more than anything it was WONDERFUL to see my husband in the "Dad" role. He is good at so many things, however, he will be a wonderful dad. It was cool to watch him with the Morley and how he is with a baby. But the fact that he would get down to fletchers level and just spend time making him feel special meant so much to me. I am lucky to have him, and his kids will be lucky to have a dad like him.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lovely day in the Neighborhood

It seems that we have been blessed with unusually great November weather. Today and Yesterday were BEAUTIFUL. Yesterday(FRI) Mira and I met my friend Becky and her Hubby Lewis and their incredibly cute dog Lucy at the Dog park. It went kinda like this. Lucy is the sweet loyal dog(if it was High School she would be the quiet, loving and very LOYAL friend) . She met Mira, was immediately friendly and then when the big dogs started picking on Mira she barked at them and stood up for her new pal. Mira also liked lucy yet was not as loyal as Lucy. (Mira is the H.S. girl that is friends with the quiet loyal girl, but also wants to hang out with the "cool kids"- who in the end turn out to be jerks, in dog world they were just two boxers that sandwiched her and drooled all over her head and threw her to the ground) I also enjoyed meeting Lewis and hanging out with Becky. Sadly we had to leave early because Mira was running so hard (her overprotective mommy was worried about her leg and made them leave...sounds just like a H.S. girls mom huh!!) but it was still fun.

I have a few new is a new band I am loving. Dan and I went to the Saving Abel concert last friday and had a great time. Little did I know I would love the Bands CD. Self titled it is a very good lyrical mix of hard rock and ballads.

Also- It seems that ZhuZhu pets (battery operated hamsters that interact with each other and their toys) will be all the rage this christmas so Dan and I are pulling a "Schrute" and going to stock up and sell them on Ebay. So I will be at walmart and toys R us this AM to get ZHU ZHUs...Might sound fishy, but we have bills to pay . Thanks to the girls at work that have kids for this tip off. Hopefully my plan succeeds.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween fun!

So here are some pictures of our fun filled halloween. We visited my parents with the dog...who hates the camera, and that explains the quality of the pictures. She was a chicken...she also hated her costume. Then we went to a halloween party with some friends. It was a modest halloween party- cause we are modest people here. And then of course our one and only halloween decoration a jayhawk pumpkin from the Andersons.

Dan and I were peanut butter and jelly. When we hugged we became a sandwich..

Amanda and Andy Indian and Coyboy
Amelia & Shawn, Bee and bee sing victim
Janell and Marcus Camper and camp fire
emily & Wyatt ... Dwight Schrut & Princess Unicorn barbie (He collected these and sold them during the christmas episode in season 5)
Jacy & Brian, Baker and Bun in the oven...although she doesn't look preggo we are all very excited for baby cox.
Bee & Bee Keeper (Suzy & Andrew)
Paige Hadorn- Rubeus Hagrid
And then us and our little Chicken...literally.
She doesn't look at the camera cause it frightens her...