Halloween fun!

So here are some pictures of our fun filled halloween. We visited my parents with the dog...who hates the camera, and that explains the quality of the pictures. She was a chicken...she also hated her costume. Then we went to a halloween party with some friends. It was a modest halloween party- cause we are modest people here. And then of course our one and only halloween decoration a jayhawk pumpkin from the Andersons.

Dan and I were peanut butter and jelly. When we hugged we became a sandwich..

Amanda and Andy Indian and Coyboy
Amelia & Shawn, Bee and bee sing victim
Janell and Marcus Camper and camp fire
emily & Wyatt ... Dwight Schrut & Princess Unicorn barbie (He collected these and sold them during the christmas episode in season 5)
Jacy & Brian, Baker and Bun in the oven...although she doesn't look preggo we are all very excited for baby cox.
Bee & Bee Keeper (Suzy & Andrew)
Paige Hadorn- Rubeus Hagrid
And then us and our little Chicken...literally.
She doesn't look at the camera cause it frightens her...


  1. HILARIOUS!!! I love all of the outfits!!

    PLUS! I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! Double win! :-)

  2. awesome costumes! love that pb & j...and yet i must agree: the year of squirrels was by far one of the greatest of all time. we were crazy little peopel... i miss you! lets hang out!


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