Holiday Traditions

Sunday night Dan and I put up our christmas tree. I work the thanksgiving holiday so I decided we should do it a bit early just so I don't feel sad about missing thanksgiving. We enjoyed putting out our tiny collection of decorations and putting up or charlie brown tree. We truly should add something to the tradition...any ideas? Like a fun dinner...fondu decorating fun night maybe? Or chinese take out and christmas decorating night.... I will have to give this some thought.
One of our other traditions is the weekend after thanksgiving we have Steaksgiving. Its pretty much the same as thanksgiving except we eat leftovers from thanksgiving and then steak instead of turkey... This year will be our second annual steaksgiving. I am thankful for steaksgiving this year since I have to miss out on thanksgiving. (I would also like to add we are still thankful on steaksgiving....probably more thankful actually cause we are having steak instead of bird...just saying)
My FAVORITE holiday tradition(and I think my moms least favorite) is our Christmas Eve open house. It is a time where my parents make their house all clean and shiny...whip out the christmas music...the house is all decorated beautifully...our stockings are hung by the chimney...(you get the picture) And then we invite over 75 (turn out is around 35) of our closest friends/family and people we have just met to come over and celebrate on christmas eve with us. We have a ton of food. My mom makes steak soup (we obviously have a think for steak in our house...although I think you acutally use ground beef in steak soup) there are tons of snacks...homemade rolls (my dad should have been a bread kidding here!) So everyone just comes by and enjoys meeting people and celebrating the holiday together. My mom wanted to cancel it this year cause of the economy and it would be a stress financially to do the food. My vote is to make it potluck....People get that we are in a recession.I am sure they would be happy to bring something. Christmas eve is my FAVORITE holiday tradition. I love seeing people I haven't seen for a year and just enjoying the magic of christmas time. That is the only time of year that I still get that feeling I did when I was a little kid. And the best part...this year I get to go home and spend my first christmas with my husband. =)



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