Lovely day in the Neighborhood

It seems that we have been blessed with unusually great November weather. Today and Yesterday were BEAUTIFUL. Yesterday(FRI) Mira and I met my friend Becky and her Hubby Lewis and their incredibly cute dog Lucy at the Dog park. It went kinda like this. Lucy is the sweet loyal dog(if it was High School she would be the quiet, loving and very LOYAL friend) . She met Mira, was immediately friendly and then when the big dogs started picking on Mira she barked at them and stood up for her new pal. Mira also liked lucy yet was not as loyal as Lucy. (Mira is the H.S. girl that is friends with the quiet loyal girl, but also wants to hang out with the "cool kids"- who in the end turn out to be jerks, in dog world they were just two boxers that sandwiched her and drooled all over her head and threw her to the ground) I also enjoyed meeting Lewis and hanging out with Becky. Sadly we had to leave early because Mira was running so hard (her overprotective mommy was worried about her leg and made them leave...sounds just like a H.S. girls mom huh!!) but it was still fun.

I have a few new is a new band I am loving. Dan and I went to the Saving Abel concert last friday and had a great time. Little did I know I would love the Bands CD. Self titled it is a very good lyrical mix of hard rock and ballads.

Also- It seems that ZhuZhu pets (battery operated hamsters that interact with each other and their toys) will be all the rage this christmas so Dan and I are pulling a "Schrute" and going to stock up and sell them on Ebay. So I will be at walmart and toys R us this AM to get ZHU ZHUs...Might sound fishy, but we have bills to pay . Thanks to the girls at work that have kids for this tip off. Hopefully my plan succeeds.


  1. HILARIOUS. I'm sure if Mira and Lucy had some 1-on-1 time they would be good friends! We took Lucy to the small dog side after you left and she was running around like a crazy woman! If the dogs are smaller than her...then it's all good. However, if they're big, she is quite the scaredy-cat.

  2. p.s. I think your Shrute idea is awesome. I had not heard of this toy yet...but I think it will be a hit. :-)


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