Snow, Haircut & baby belly

Oh my its been a long day around here.  However- Dan is home now, and a new chapter has started. One where I get to write a blog and we get to start the "evening"(the evening usually involves ice cream so thats a plus too) . Sometimes I find even starting a different phase of the day makes new again.
This weekend was full of fun things.  
(And when I say fun- I do NOT mean the late march snow storm we got- however)
Lets give this man props. Getting out in the freezing cold to "scrape" the front door... 
All so his baby could enjoy watching the snow fall. 
 (He's kinda amazing if you ask me)

Emmaus go her hair cut! I consider it her first official hair cut- although I cut it once with nail scissors when she was like 7 months old. And had a mini rat tail happening. 
And then there was this one time when her neurosurgeon shaved a bunch off for a minor procedure. UMMMM....
Anyway. She got her FIRST hair cut. 
 (Thankfully a friend finally told me she had a bit of a mullet- I mean that seriously! Its just so hard to see those things in your own child!) 
She sat in a chair like a big girl. 
 I bribed her with some veggies sticks to be still. 
 And the "shop pup" millie provided lots of giggles and pretty much did the entertaining.

Of course I don't have a finished product picture...but oh well. It's cute and just basically shorter in the back- bye bye baby mullet. 

Oh yeah- I am pregnant. But you probably knew that. 
22 weeks this week. And looking it. 

Today is Purple Day- I had people tag me in pics of them wearing their purple to support those with epilepsy and encourage epilepsy awareness. 
Check back tomorrow for the pics!



  1. Love your blog. Love your family. Love His story unfolding in you. Keep it up! We are with you!


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