Why I live out loud.

I just read a great blog from a local blogger on "getting followers".  This is something as a blogger I have thought about once or twice. I have thought- wouldn't it be great if I could make blogging my business? 
Or have sponsors and work less - write more?!
But that discussion (its only a discussion in my head- mind you) always leaves me feeling uneasy. Feeling like I am a teenage girl trying to become popular. It leaves me feeling insecure. 

At a church retreat a few weeks ago we discussed our "outs". By outs I mean the way we contribute to the world, or try to "reach" the world. 
And as I thought about my "out",  I knew my answer was my blog. 

My life is messy. It is broken. It is sweet. It is a work in process. It is real. 

And that is what I strive to write about. 

I blog to keep track of memories for my family. 
I blog to keep track of how faithful God has been to myself and my family. (Cause I forget sometimes)
I blog because while a daughter with special needs, a husband with health problems, probable brain surgery, seizures, a miscarriage, and a psycho doggy may seem like a story of hardship...it isn't. It is a story of Hope. 

And I choose to tell my story here.  



  1. Beautifully written! I know that teenage girl feeling for sure! I really enjoy reading your blogs!


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