Today was a day to rest and play. To recover from the yuckies that have been taking up residence at our house. And to go on a walk cause it was 68 degrees today (IN THE MIDWEST IN LATE JANUARY?!?! ummm what?).  After a long night of being up with the sicky we slept in until 1030 today. (Yes my child slept that long- be jealous-however I did nurse her at 6 and we were up a considerable amount of the night) So we stayed in our jammies for a long time today. I am catching this dang bug too. Big Bummer.

 The little has taken to a new fondness of screaming. It is a happy scream at least-a squeal really. She sounds like a bit of a pterodactyl or something in my opinion. She especially squeals when there is a lot of talking happening or when she is jumping in her jumper. Or anytime you need her to be quiet. Like when our pastor was talking at church last night.

I still can't get over it- a walk? In late January. Awesome. (Some of us thought it was less awesome and decided to sleep instead of enjoy the wonderful weather)

Love, La


  1. Boo to sickes. We have the sickies too. Sickies are just no fun! Miss you and hopefully the sickies will leave soon so we can see your lovely face again without sharing sickies!

  2. I can't get over the cuteness! :)


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