The battle has been won.

We can make it through the rough stuff...but only because we know the battle has already been won. Sin has been defeated, sickness has been healed, TSC will no longer plague our baby girl. I can't wait for the day that my child is "whole" that she can reach for a toy she wants to play with, that she doesn't get dazed after having a seizures...Hell, for the days she doesn't have seizures. And I am so thankful to know that if not on this earth, heaven holds those promises for us. Promises of wholeness & health.

I am discouraged tonight. Sad for me, sad for Dan, sad for Emmaus. But I refuse to feel defeated. Because  I know Jesus is in control of this.

The battle has been won. So I will hold onto that tonight.

Love, La


  1. Praying over you and that sweet sweet girl. And so thankful that we know the Ultimate Healer. He is wrapping His big powerful arms around you all right now and will continue to. You are strong, beautiful, and the best mama Em could ask for.


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