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So in the last month Emmaus has started eating baby foods. She is doing so well. She likes pears the best- go figure. But also is a huge fan of green beans, avocado, and banana, sweet potatoes aren't her favorites, but we are still trying.
We received a baby bullet for a shower gift so we have been making our own baby food. I kinda am obsessed with making baby food now. It is yummy and cheap! We spent 20 bucks and bought all organic food products. Green beans, peas, avocado, banana, sweet potatoes, pears, & carrots. Then I followed this websites  recipes and whipped some up. I froze it in ice cube trays, stored it in ziplock bags and now we have months of organic baby food for 20 bucks. UMM WIN.
And then there is this... Emmaus eating green beans. um yes she looks like the girl from the exorcist in this pic...and even though it looks like she isn't eating any she really does. Aww I love my sweet little exorcist baby.

I also cleaned today. Cause my house was DIR-TAY...yes that is how you say the dirtier form of dirty. IT WAS GROSS. We sweep frequently (every 3 days frequent) cause we have the ever shedding pooch..however it is just such a process to mop...but I did today. And it was much needed. So here is my question. what do you all use to clean hardwood floors? Mine even after being cleaned just aren't shiny like I would prefer.
So please leave a comment and share.  So my wood floor can be nice and shiny.
We are taking Em to see santa tonight. So I have got to go and get us ready.
Love, La


  1. I have a steam mop that I LOVE for my wood floors and tile. Makes mopping not such a chore. Then every once in a while I use a wood polish.

  2. When we had hardwood, we used Murphy's Oil Soap. I think it did a pretty good job. But it's the only product we ever used so I don't have much of a benchmark for comparisons. Also, the smell reminded me of the cabin where My Chef first professed his love for me...so there's that too.

    Good Luck! Nikki

  3. I've got a swiffer wet jet...and I love it! There is a solution specific for wood floors, so its safe and easy.

  4. We do vinegar and water!! No harsh chemicals, and it works great!! We even put a little essential oil in it so it smells better!! We use it for everything-- floors, mirrors, countertops, etc.!! Good luck!!

  5. Murphy's wood soap or the vinegar water combo...with murphy's i throw a towel on the floor and 'buff' with it after i mop an area...just push it around with my foot.. lol..gives a nice shine and puts oils back into the wood to keep it nice for years ! Steam mops make it look nice...but water and wood is not a good combo ...in the long run i dont think steam is good on the finish - but i LOVE it on linoleum !!
    Susan Cecil


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