Fall Photos

So I think we have THE BEST family photographer. This one time she moved to London and I was really sad....but then she moved back and it made me happy! She did our engagement, wedding, maternity, newborn, and now some family photos for us. My favorite thing about Alea is that is doesn't do posey photos but instead just captures us living our lives. Also- she makes us look like super models.  I don't consider myself or our family photogenic...yet she makes us look good.  So here are a few (or more than a few...I couldn't just choose a couple) of our latest shoot with her. 
Check here out HERE. OR email her HERE.
Her shoots are 1/2 off for the month of October! So call her & schedule a shoot. Your family will never look how it looks right now & you will want to remember these days! One of my favorite things about my home is that is full of memories in the form of photos. 



  1. stop it. that owl hat is too cute. did you make it?

  2. OMG your family is the cutest, I LOVE THE pumpkin picture!!! You guys are cute!


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