The Truth about "carrying wide" and being "pregnant in the face"

Before I get into the good stuff I thought I would post my SOLO 28 week picture. I couldn't do it in my 28 week post due to blogger being difficult.

So there it is. NICE huh? (I think I look pretty darn good if I do say so myself!)

Okay on to the title of the post. Firstly I think I may have mentioned before that SEVERAL people have told me I am carrying wide. Now, if you are a friend and we were discussing how I look that is one thing. To the SEVERAL random people that have just word vomited "You are carrying wide" onto me SHAME ON YOU. I still hold to the fact that is something you say behind someone's back not to their face. Every woman wants to think she has a perfect basketball belly so do the world a favor and CLOSE YOUR MOUTH and don't speak if you are going to state otherwise!
Well, on my most recent visit to my midwife I mention having serious pelvic pressure and wondered if the baby was just sitting really low in my pelvis. To my amazement baby girl was NOT in my pelvis at all! (This is actually a really good thing that she isn't low in my pelvis, apparently we would have been worried if she was at this point.) She is actually sitting like this...

They call that TRANSVERSE position. Now, ultimately we will want to get baby girl to turn head down- however this explains several things. One, The round ligament pain I have had only on the Right side (where baby girls feet kick me) and the low rib pain I have had only on the left side (Where the little squirt jams her head). Her head amazingly feels like a hard little tennis ball and when she is really trying to get my attention I can feel it nudge (painfully) against my side. Its kinda cool to know that is her head though.
Secondly it explains why I may be carrying "wide". So HA! There you go. It's not that I have gained x# of lbs from eating too many McDonalds cheese burgers or Butterfinger Ice cream sandwiches (do they make those? they sounds delish) Nope...She is laying sideways trying (at times) to strech her way out of my belly and making me go crazy. (Especially at night...see tomorrows post) My midwife said a transverse position can be super uncomfortable in your third trimester (fantastic!!) however, I can't complain because this pregnancy has been great so far!

Secondly- I have gotten the comment I look pregnant in my face- although I am fighting what is sure to soon be a double chin I would like to say I fight that even at my skinniest. Unfortunately I have inherited that gene from the Olson Women. My mom has the same struggles even when she is skinny skinny . It's a chin waddle, and there is nothing to do but embrace it (or get plastic surgery). So since at this point I have gained 10+ pounds I will embrace it and say "YOU WIN MOTHER NATURE, I HAVE A NICE LOOKING CHIN WADDLE NOW" If you are talking about me looking pregnant in the face because I have acne like a 14 year old boy then by all means YES, I LOOK PREGNANT IN THE FACE!

Just wanted to laugh about, and address some things.
That's all for now.
Love, LA


  1. this might be my favorite post yet! cause you're so damn funny!
    I, for one, have not once thought you were carrying wide...nor that you look pregnant in the face. and i agree with you. you look pretty damn good if you ask me!
    do i get to be your favorite for the day?
    aaannnddd since you gave up cussing for lent...i'm picking up your slack. shit. :)

  2. Aw, Laurisa! I love reading your blog and all your humor and honesty. It is simply, great. And might I add, I think you look stinkin' cute! I totally love your baby girl bump/basketball/balloon/soon-to-be-watermelon! And I think your face looks HOT! Like smokin' hot. :)


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