I have started to think about "the nursery" It is pretty much consuming me. Okay...that is a bit drastic, but I love to create so it is on my mind A LOT.
Here is what I have so far. One is a "safe" option. And the other has a bit more design potential but is a little bit brighter than I usually go.
Here is #1 the "safe option"
( I know this looks like a nursing cover, however it is actually a lovely pink, green and grey Amy Butler fabric that I would use for the bumper and some throw pillows) This is the bedskirt I would make in this grey (instead of buying it from restoration hardware for 70 bucks! CAUSE THAT IS CRAZY!) I invision a very pale pink on the walls, Curtains in a darker shade of grey with some sort of texture, we have a glider that I think would also end up a darker shade of grey with pink cushions.
This design is very "me" it is safe, kinda dull, but classy and girly.
I like the over all look of this restoration hardware nursery-but the lack of print leaves a bit
to be desired.

Option number 2: A bit more adventure! (for those of you who are less observant, you may be seeing the same thing)

Yes, this is the same fabric but is a much brighter color. I acutally love this fabric but am a bit afraid of the commitment.

With this one I would do the same bedskirt as above, but in the fuschia color that is in this fabric. I would spraypaint the chair a pale pink and do a brown cushion with brown curtains.(or maybe a fuschia cushion with the pale green curtians-anyones guess really) The pain color in this scenerio is Restoration Hardwares "Silver Sage" here is the best pick I could find. It is a grey, green, blue color- which allows for more decoration all around plus we have white furniture so it will really pop.



  1. Laurisa!! I LOVE both of your ideas, so classy and fun. I kinda like the brighter pink idea a little more, but honestly they are both so cute:) Love, love, love the grey... and the print on the fabric is so fun! How exciting, you are so awesome at creating and putting things together, this nursery is going to be so cute:):) I would love to help if you ever need it:)

    Love ya!

  2. Laurisa- if we had another girl, this is the exact color scheme I would use for the nursery! I love pink and grey together, so chic! That said, I think you should go with the brighter option. I'm not sure why...but I just think you could have a lot of fun with it and really personalize it...and end up totally loving it down the road! So awesome. I love your craftiness and wish I had it! UGH!

  3. If lb had been a girl I would've done option two! I love love love bright colors and flowery pink for girls :)

  4. i'm going against the grain here....i love the more muted colors. so sweet and simple.
    but either is so darling. and you have such an eye for this stuff....i'm sure you'll try out a number of different things before you land on one! I mean Cmon....ya still got like 20 could pain and re paint that thing like 20 times. :)

  5. I love the bright! (But have you seen our nursery? No surprise here!)

    Love both ideas, though, I don't think you can go wrong!


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