Lets Play Catch Up

So much has happened since I last updated.
Dan had an Echocardiogram through his primary care doctors It was on friday 9/11. So we didn't find out anything about it right away but the tuesday after, his doctors office called and said he was in early congestive heart failure. So obviously we freaked out and an appointment was made to see the cardiologist on the following friday. We find out thursday night that the nephrologist has a opening and we can also see him on friday. We go to the cardiologist first who gives us the news that he isn't in CHF however he does have Left ventricular hypertrophy, which is thickening of the Left ventricle due to his chronic high blood pressure. We were relieved that he wasn't in CHF but frusterated that someone told us that in the first place. The cardiologist ordered an arteriogram and possible angioplasty for the next thursday. We went to the nephrologist that afternoon and he agreed with the cardiologists decision. I loved the nephrologist. He was a very good doctor. We then went on a date to build-a-bear, silly I know but we had a fun, care-free time.
So thursday 9/24 was the big day for the arteriogram. I had to work Wednesday night but luckily someone came in at 1 for me so I could get some sleep before a very long day. He had the arteriogram which did show narrowing of his L renal artery. It is narrowed after it branches. The arteriogram and angioplasty went well and for the most part were pretty uneventful. (Dan would disagree, they had to balloon his artery 5 times and it is very painful.) However the artery opened and he had no complications. He had his femoral cath removed that evening and got to eat and get some pain meds.
The next morning Dr. Patel the cardiologist came in and gave us the diagonsis of Fibromuscular dysplasia. It means fibrin grows in the arteries instead of muscle in some places causing the artery to resemble beads/a string of pearls. So instead of being like a straw it pinces off in multiple places like a string of pearls would. It is a very rare disease that mostly affects women. Something like 80% of the time the disease is diagnosed in an autopsy. (very sobering statistic) So the plan is frequent check ups to make sure the artery remains opened, possible angioplasties, and a possible stent/although the cardiologsit said because of were the blockage is (after the artery branches) a stent isn't a great option. However at least we have a diagnosis and plan of care. I loved Dr. Patel too. He came in and just gave us a ton of information and was very good. He also said he would consult some docs with more experience in FMD to see what they thought of Dan's case.
He has been sore from the angioplasty but overall was doing well. Until tonight.... He was making dinner and grease from the frying pan splashed into his eye. So just over 48 hours after leaving the hospital from his angioplasty he went back to the ER for his eye. He has two burned spots on his face and a burned cornea. Very painful. (We are starting to feel like JOB) I had to work tonight so Dionne met us at the ER and is staying with him tonight. He has to take eye drops every two hours and is still in a lot of pain. I am trying to encourage him. I know he is feeling very discouraged. He is such a great man and works so hard, and all of this is just a lot to handle. It seems when we get a grasp on what is going on something else happens. He has to follow up with an opthimologist which is just another thing to add to his already full schedule.

We will continue to trust God. We are obviously in a time of trial and we will stay strong and praise God for all he has given us and what a merciful God he is.
Please pray that our spirits would not be discouraged.


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