Its fun to be showered.

So...saturday was my first shower and bachelorette party! I cannot believe how much I enjoyed myself. First of all the shower was beautiful! Emily did a wonderful job on everything! Laci came in Thursday and I really enjoyed spending time with her. I got most of my big items at my shower. It was very fun to take all the stuff home and fill my cabinets with it. Then I also got incredible things at my bachelorette party! Plus I got a huge compliment. One of my friends said to Emily "Laurisa always gives the best gifts so I want to give her a really great gift" Wow! That makes me feel really good! I was really happy with everything. I had a great time.

Last week we also started looking at Dogs. We found an adorable little puppy. She is a mix, her mom was australian shepard and lab and her dad was blue heeler. She is so sweet. We brought her home today! I couldn't be more excited! I felt like we had to wait an eternity to get her (from friday to now) so I am just glad she is home with us. On the way home she was so scared in the car. She did a super cute thing and put her head in the door. Here are a couple pictures to show you our new baby! We named her MIRA (like mira, mira, on the wall- thanks laci for that quote)


  1. Hey! So i was just wondering why you named her Mira? Also how is she doing? Puppyish?



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