Praise God for many Blessings!!

Praise God I finally found table cloths for the wedding!! Emily (my MOH) and I went looking for them on Monday. I am so glad she agreed to go with me. We got so much accomplished that day and I truly felt blessed to have someone to just go do all the tedius tasks with me. The swatch on the Left is about the right color of the ones we decided to use. Then paired with the green apples I think it will look supurb!! We also figured out the wedding favors and how they will look/be packaged. Another thing I am pleased about. So both of those things are a huge blessings! So then the other news is that we may get a puppy. We have been looking at a couple that are very cute and we are going to see some on Friday. I am excited. And then the other big thing is that we have completed our first month of The Dave Ramsey method/ Complete money makeover(CMM). We put $1500 in savings this month. Now that won't be typical for us however it was a great start. This month I have adjusted a few things to hopefully make the CMM work better I added a giving section so that we have a place to drawn from when we have gifts we want to give. I also increased areas that were hard/impossible last month. Example- Dan and I like to eat out, it is just something we enjoy doing together so I increased the Eat out budget from 60 to 80 dollars. I also Added money to our wedding fund. We are honeymooning in Mexico- so dan is going to need swim trunks and I need a suit or two, so that stuff can come from that fund. I am truly proud that our saving went up this month. I hope to have almost 5 thousand dollars by the wedding. (I'm sure some of it will have to be spent on the wedding, but who knows) Anyway...Hooray for some major victories this month. I will update about puppy news. asap


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