My Three

Today Shiloh sweetly helped Emmaus get her shoes on. Without being asked. In fact- I don't think I have ever asked shiloh to help Emmaus get her shoes on- so it was likely all her idea. She put them on her all by herself with Emmaus trying to kick her in the face the whole time. Then checked with me to make sure "are dey on da white feet mama? Or are dey bakwards?"  Shiloh also has started praising Emmaus for things. Which might just be the sweetest things I have ever encountered. She also tried to encourage Emmaus to eat her yogurt last night by doing the "airplane" into her mouth.  I want to be more like Shiloh. *Maybe not the whiney, typical three year old melt down parts. But I want to be able to see what people need, and help meet their needs. She is just the best sister!

And then there is this. I mean o.emmmmm.geeee. She now thinks she is a big kid. And it is rude. And cute. She also has such a sweet relationship with Shiloh. They will be besties I have no doubt.
I am so thankful to be the mom of these sweet girls. And I am thankful they have each other. 
...A cord of three is not easily broken. 



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