From the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.

It has taken me decades to calm my words. You know those powerful little things that so easily come flowing out of our mouths? And still I often fail at filtering my thoughts before they flow from my lips. I am often unaware of my tone, and have to apologize for "being snippy" as Dan calls it.

You know that old adage "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree?"
Well I have an apple to my tree. Her name is Shiloh.

At two and a half years old that girl is beyond verbal. Her though processes surprise me every day and to say she is a sponge soaking in every detail, every word, every situation is probably an understatement.
We have been working a lot with Shiloh on using her words wisely. I am still not sure when I give her my big speech of "how we speak to others" if she really gets it. But I am going to keep giving it anyway.
At two years old it baffles me that she can spew such fire out of that sweet little mouth.  And then turn around and say such sweet encouraging things a few minutes later.
It reminds me of the true power that lies in our words. And as I strive as her mama to shape her heart it forces me to check on the state of my own heart..
Good comes from a good man because of the riches he has in his heart. Sin comes from a sinful man because of the sin he has in his heart. The mouth speaks of what the heart is full of. Luke 6:45)
To check what is coming out of my mouth.
Am I filling my heart with truth and life? Or am I letting my sinful, selfish nature rule?
Our words can bring life or death. And it is up to us to make sure our hearts are full of things that even in our weak moments would speak life.

To shape, and mold and encourage our Shiloh will not be an easy task. She is emotional and passionate, she knows what she wants, her likes and dislikes and she is firm in those opinions.
She can be so loving, so kind and tender.
She has the unique ability to sway the mood of a room with her mood, with her actions.
To engage those who typically sit on the sidelines.

I have a feeling she will be the most anchored piece in our "cord of three". So to teach her where her strength comes from, that her true anchor is the Lord, it will not be easy. And in parenting her, teaching her- and realizing in parenting we must first check on ourselves. It's sure a humbling experience!

 She will do great things. She will march to her own beat, and lead those around her. We just have to tame the wild, unbridled tongue. (Although I'm sure it is a journey that will take decades)



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