Stand Strong Weary Warrior

All around me the battles seem big.
The whining and crying and deep deep frustration from my four year old, who is fighting so hard daily to be known, to be understood.
The two year old ears that find it hard to listen, the two year old will that finds it hard to obey, and the two year old soul that needs oh so much attention, tenderness, patience and fierce love.
The baby who loves to be close to mama in the hours of the night when all should be sleeping.
The ones who are over tired, over booked, over worked, discouraged and financially strapped.
The ones fighting for their lives, their health, waking daily in an uphill battle, but not giving up.
The ones mourning the loss of life, gone to soon.
The ones waiting so tenderly for the call that a baby needs a home, and that home is theirs.

The battles are big. They are hard and heavy handed.
Stand Strong Weary Warrior.
You are not alone in these deep places.

Thank you Jesus- for Your grace abounds in deepest waters.



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