Well Hello!

It is in my nature to want to connect with people. To build relationship. to encourage. At the base of who I am these things are very deeply rooted.
I think that is why I started to blog in the first place. I have a profound belief that as humans we are more alike than different. Sure we have differences, but at the base of humanity we are all very similar.
I am to live my life out loud, to live it honestly. My life isn’t perfect. In fact, it is messy,  really messy. But it’s beautiful. And in the mess of it all is truly where the beauty is found.  In the moments of grace that surround our busy schedule, my tired reactions, and that horrid “Witching hour” those are the moments where joy peaks through.

So as I find myself in the midst of chaos generally and don’t use my spare moments to blog- come follow me on Instagram at @laballew  I frequently post picks and share “mini blog thoughts” on my post.  I will still be around here.  I am going to try to post weekly. But I DEFINITELY am there more frequently.

A little update just for the books.

I truly haven’t wrapped my mind around adding a third little girl to our family. Apparently it takes me a LONG time to get on-board with surprises.  In fact, despite this pregnancy zooming by- and the fact I am already 22weeks, I sometimes still forget I am pregnant. I am wondering at this point if I will be totally shocked following her delivery.

Emmaus is frequently saying more words, and throwing more temper-tantrums. And she is really developing a little sense of humor, which keeps us laughing.  

Shiloh is a typical sassy 19month old. She knows what she wants and when she wants it, and her vocabulary is rapidly expanding.  She climbs everything, and has graduated to sleeping in a big girl bed in Emmaus’ room.  She also is good for a tantrum frequently.

I am growing rapidly- (both personally and physically).  I am known to be seen shedding a tear or two completely overwhelmed with my tantrum throwing toddlers and then in the same breath completely overwhelmed in a good way- blessed and thankful for those girls.

And Dan. Well he is the anchor like always.  I married a good one. Seriously lucky.



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