2014 Review

As a new year is ushered in the inevitable reflection that comes with endings is upon me. I haven’t blogged much lately and I’m not really sure why. Maybe there isn’t much to tell? Maybe things have finally settled a bit?
As I reflect on 2014 I realize I truly have no attachment to it. We have had some particularly crazy years lately. 2011 Emmaus was born and we dove deeply into being new parents and raising a child with complex medical needs. In 2012 we made the emotional decision to battle seizures with brain surgery. In 2013 we welcomed Shiloh to our family and adjusted to becoming a family of 4. And in 2014, while it had its challenges, seizures reoccurring, lots of work on Dan and I’s marriage, family living with us for 6 months. It also was kind of a neutral year. No huge changes. No major life events.   Looking back on it- even in the chaotic parts, it almost seemed restful.
The girls are growing and changing super quickly. Shiloh is really loving pretend play, feeding her ‘baby’, dressing up, and is eager to be a little helper. She also has a crazy temperament.  She can go from happy to melt down in about 1 second- with tears and all. She is an emotional little girl. Her current favorite word is “nooooooo” said quietly with a scrunched up face, nasal sound and shake of the head. It really is pretty funny because Emmaus’ new work is “Yah”. We ask her all sorts of questions just to hear her sweet “Yah”. Every time you ask a question you can see her process the question and excitedly respond. This is huge progress. And for the most part her Yah, truly means she wants something. Emmaus started a ketogenic diet which has overhauled our families diet. She also started Depakote- the best drug we have used yet (amazing mood control benefits as well as sleeping benefits!) Not to mention between that and the diet we almost have seizure control again! 
We look forward to 2015. Knowing it will be a year full of change, growth and development.  Besides Dan and I setting some financial goals for our family in 2015, I am basically resolution free. No pressing matters to “work on” or huge goals to accomplish.

I started the year by saying goodbye to New Birth Company and solely working at Children's Mercy
We traveled to Destin Florida with the Girls for our first true family vacation. 
Dan and I went to Washington DC to attend the World TSC conference. 
We had fun sharing our home with Dan's brother his wife and their little man in their transition back to KC
Dan and I co-chaired the super hero themed TS walk in Kansas City
I got to take a quick solo trip to Colorado to see my friend Laci

2014 you were good to us. We are excited for all 2015 has to bring!



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