Remembering the progress.

I am learning. Slowly learning to turn the brokenness of my life into beauty. To be less overwhelmed by the "what should have been" and more embracing of the "what is".
Today I remember where we were one short year ago. I was lost in the world of "newborns" all while navigating a non-verbal, barely walking 2 year old. I remember feeling fully confident and yet completely uncomfortable in my roll of mom to two.
I remember last year wearing shiloh, watching Emmaus parade around her school- holding the hand of her teacher to allow her to walk such a distance.
Today I watched her navigate sensory toys, say hello to many, laugh, enjoy her peers all without a meltdown, or a protest. THAT IS PROGRESS.
Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by how slow her progress is. How slow it seems. But truly- I need to remember the victories. See the progress.
I tend to label things. And recently I have found myself labeling Emmaus as "hard".
But truth is all children are "hard" parenting is hard.
And so in working on changing the way I view things I want to set it straight. Emmaus is beautiful. She is a miracle. She is complex, funny, and sweet. She melts my heart and ruins me in the best way. Her inability to communicate clearly is hard to me because I am so relational. However- the immense progress encourages me. All of this makes me so very proud of her.
And my little tiny baby that so quietly watched the parade last year?
Shiloh is such a funny little girl. And she is so much girl. She has taken to sleeping with not only her favorite bunny, but a Katerina kitty cat doll, and often a random toy. She loves to dance, she communicates her needs well. She has amazing recall, and talks...a lot.
Our life is busy, it is challenging and broken.
But it is so beautiful.
And today I stand remembering the beauty that surrounds us. The faithfulness and the goodness of the Lord to provide growth, progress.



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